What changes are proposed in my street?

    The Traffic and Parking Plan seeks to improve road corridor amenity as well as resident and commuter safety. It intends to provide a holistic plan for local area traffic management and is based on sound technical principles combined with the local knowledge of our community.

    Proposed changes will include: 

    • new signage which establishes parking and stopping restrictions for vehicles as indicated in the ‘Parking Plan’;

    • new signage to delineate the existing speed hump in the Warners Park Access Road;

    • new ‘zig-zag’ line marking and signage to better delineate the existing speed hump in Warners park; and

    • installation of a new convex mirror on the bend in the road, just west of The Palisade.

    • Pruning of trees where the vertical clearance from the road to the tree canopy is less than 4 metres which might limit the operation of fire control vehicles.

    Why is Council proposing these changes?

    The changes are proposed in order to address raised by the NSW Rural Fire Service about its ability to safely access The Outpost in case of an emergency requiring the use of bush fire control vehicles. This access is needed in order to protect existing buildings and facilities in Warners Park, as well as residential properties in The Outpost in the event of a fire.

    During the course of investigations, further deficiencies were identified with the delineation of the existing speed hump and marked pedestrian crossing in Warner's Park. Further, the visibility of vehicles and pedestrians on the bend to the west of The Palisade indicated the need for a convex mirror.

    What is the process from here?

    The proposed changes to parking signage in The Outpost will require the consent of the Willoughby Traffic Committee. Following this community consultation, a report will be submitted to the Traffic Committee and then the Committee’s recommendations will be reported to a future meeting of Willoughby Council. Willoughby Council will need to adopt the recommendations of the Traffic Committee before the changes can be implemented.

    Residents and property owners whose private or street trees are likely to require pruning in order to comply with Rural Fire Services’ requirements will be consulted in detail prior to pruning work being decided.

    We Value your Feedback

    Council values your comments regarding the proposed traffic solution and asks that you complete the survey online

    Attend the drop in session

    • Tuesday 4 April, 6 pm - 8 pm at The former Northbridge Bowling Club, The Outpost - Warner's Park

    Project staff will be available to talk to you about the plan and take your feedback.

    Your comments can be provided by email to: email@willoughby.nsw.gov.au attention Community Development Officer Oceana Kovacs or Willoughby City Council PO Box 57 Chatswood NSW 2057

    Comments close at 5pm on Wednesday 26 April 2017.

    Your feedback is important and will help Council in making an informed decision about proposed parking arrangement along The Outpost.

    Further Information

    If you would like to discuss the plan in more detail, please contact Council’s Senior Traffic Engineer, Neil Strickland on 9777 7706 or email Neil.Strickland@Willoughby.nsw.gov.au for further information.