What does the Castle Cove Golf Course include?

    Castle Cove Golf Course (11 hectare area)  is owned in Fee Simple by Willoughby City Council. The subject land is in Castle Cove, and adjoins Neerim Road to the north; Deepwater Road to the south, and residential properties to the east and west.

    The nine (9) hole golf course was designed by Walter Burley Griffin circa 1924, and constructed during the Great Depression by Government subsidised labour on land owned by Burley Griffin’s company, the Greater Sydney Development Association Ltd.

    The site also contains three (3) synthetic surfaced tennis courts and a small clubhouse. 

    Why does the Castle Cove Golf Course Plan of Management need to be updated?

    The current Plan of Management was adopted in June 1996. Within the Plan, Section 10.2- Licence, allows for the renewing of the licence to Castle Cove Country Club for an appropriate period of time between 10 – 15 years.

    The current lease to the Castle Cove Country Club commenced on 4 April 1996, and expired on 3 April 2016. A new 10 year lease has been sought by the Country Club. 

    However Council’s legal advice is that the current Plan of Management does not expressly authorise a new 10 year (or any) lease of the golf course, and that a new Plan of Management must be done expressly authorising a new lease.

    What is a Plan of Management (POM)

    A Plan of Management (POM) sets out how public open space is to be used, managed, maintained and improved.  It describes the uses that are allowed on the land.  A Plan of Management is required for Council owned land which is classified as ‘community land’ under the Local Government Act 1993.  

    This Plan of Management amends the Castle Cove Park and Castle Cove Golf Course Plan of Management (Willoughby City Council, June 1996). This Plan of Management replaces that section of the 1996 Plan that refers to the Castle Cove Golf Course. The section of the 1996 Plan that relates to Castle Cove Park has been not revised.

    In accordance with the Local Government Act 1993 the core objectives for management of community land categorised as Sportsground are set out below.

    • encourage, promote and facilitate recreational pursuits in the community involving active recreation involving organised sports and informal sporting activities and games, and
    • ensure that such activities are managed having regard to any adverse impact on nearby residences. 

    What zoning is the land?

    The subject land is zoned RE1 Public Recreation under the Willoughby Local Environmental Plan 2012. The Country Club golf clubhouse and the Headland Road golf course car park are located on land owned by the Castle Cove Country Club Ltd, and are zoned R2- Low Density Residential.

    What is the process involved in preparing the Castle Cove Golf Course Plan of Management?

    Once the initial community consultation is complete, all feedback and suggestions from the community will be compiled and assessed. Once the Final Plan has been prepared, it will go to Council for adoption. 

    What happens after public exhibition?

    After the public exhibition we will review all community feedback on the draft Plan of Management and report to Council with a summary of the submission and any proposed amendments. 

    How can I be involved?

    Community Consultation is an essential part of Councils policy for involving the community. 

    You can be involved by:

    • Making a submission online at www.haveyoursaywilloughby.com.au
    • Comments can be sent to email@willoughby.nsw.gov.au to the attention of Council's Community Development Officer, Oceana Kovacs or Post - PO Box 57 Chatswood NSW 2057.

    The submission period closes 5pm Thursday 6 July 2017.  

    How can I follow the progress of the Castle Cove Golf Course Plan of Management?

    Updates on the Plan will be available on Council’s website and also at www.haveyoursaywilloughby.com.au.  For enquiries about the Castle Cove Golf Course Plan of Management, please phone Council on 9777 1000.