What facilities are available at Chatswood Park?

    The list below includes the main facilities at the site. 
    • the sportsfield
    • Grandstand
    • Buildings / pavilions
    • Public toilets
    • Cricket nets
    • A fenced playground
    • Skate park
    • Paths
    • Small parking area
    • Picnic and bench seating
    View the Fact Sheet in the Document Library for the full list and further information. 

    The Chatswood Park and facilities are licensed to Gordon Rugby Football Club and Gordon District Cricket Club on an annual basis. Casual bookings are also taken for schools and other sporting clubs.

    What is a Master Plan and why does Chatswood Park need one?

    A Master Plan is a document which outlines the long-term management and development of an open space area, including the existing land use, facilities and future improvements. It is essentially a strategic plan that will ensure the site continues to meets the needs of the community and its users long into the future. 

    What issues will be considered as part of the Chatswood Park Master Plan?

    The Master Plan will consider such things as the management, development, future uses and operational requirements of the sporting and recreational facilities, access, car-parking and other community facilities within the park. 

    What happens next?

    Once the first stage of consultation has ended, the feedback from the community will be assessed and will form the basis of a Draft Master Plan. It is anticipated that the Chatswood Park Master Plan will be on public exhibition in September 2017. Interested parties will have an opportunity to comment on the Draft Master Plan during the public exhibition period. Council will consider all submissions received during this time for inclusion in the Final Master Plan. Once the Final Master Plan is complete, it will go to Council for adoption.