What is a Community Strategic Plan?

    The Community Strategic Plan represents the highest level of strategic planning undertaken by Council.

    The Willoughby City Strategy identifies the main priorities and aspirations of our local community and provides clear strategies to achieve this vision.

    Why do we need a Community Strategic Plan?

    The Willoughby City Strategy is our local community’s vision for the future.Based on social justice principles, the Willoughby City Strategy must address social, environmental, economic and civic leadership issues relevant to our community.

    I thought we already had a Community Strategic Plan?

    Willoughby City Councils community strategic plan was adopted in 2010, revised in 2013, and is due for revision by June 2018. We are about to undertake a review of the Willoughby City's 2029 Community Strategic Plan, ensuring it continues to reflect the priorities and aspirations of the City of Willoughby community.

    When and how will we engage with the community?

    In developing the Willoughby City Strategy, Council is using a whole-of-community engagement approach in close consultation and collaboration with our local community. 

    From now until the end of Feburary 2018 we will be out and about in the community talking to as many people as we can at community events, community workshops, libraries as well as online. We will talk to the community again in March-April to check-in on what we have been told and how this can be incorporated into our new community strategic plan.

    We will be asking four key questions:

    1. Where are we now?
    2. Where do we want to be in ten years?
    3. How will we get there?
    4. How will we know when we have arrived?
    The community will have another opportunity to contribute when the draft plan goes on public exhibition in May 2018.

    Does my input really matter?

    Yes. This is a shared community vision for the City of Willoughby and how we want our city to look in 2030. We need to know what is important so we can prioritise, plan and build it. 

    How can I be involved?

    We want you to share your ideas and thoughts about Willoughby. 
    • What do you love about Willoughby?
    • What would you like to see improved?
    • What would make Willoughby a better place to live or visit? 
    Make sure you tell your friends, neighbours, co-workers, community group and family that they too can have their say about the future of Willoughby. 

    For more information about the Willoughby City Strategy please visit www.haveyoursaywilloughby.com.au
    e.willoughbycitystrategy@willoughby.nsw.gov.au or contact our Customer Service Centre on 9777 1000.