What is a Resident Parking Scheme (RPS)?

    Willoughby City Council operates a Resident Parking Scheme that gives parking priority on the street to residents who cannot park on their own property. The Resident Parking Scheme allows eligible residents to obtain a parking permit to park without time limits in a Resident Parking Zone, in their Area. Resident parking zones are identified by parking time limit signs which display additional wording such as:

    Permit Holders Excepted Area RA1; RA 13; RA 17; or RA19

    Why is there a need for the Scheme?

    The need for a Willoughby Resident Parking Scheme is partly due to the numerous regional facilities and institutions contained within our boundaries. Given the pressure placed upon parking as a result of these attractors Willoughby City Council operates a Resident Parking Scheme in order to better cater for the parking needs of our residents.

    What are the benefits of RPS?

    The scheme gives preference to residents who live in an RPS area, where there is often competition for parking spaces with commuters or visitors to the area.

    Time restrictions (1P; 2P or 4P) will apply to vehicles without a permit, from 8:30am - 6pm Mon-Fri, encouraging the regular turnover of spaces and discouraging long term parking.

    Eligible resident parking permit holders do not guarantee parking availability, but do provide a comparative advantage for residents.

    What authority does Council have to operate the Scheme?

    This Scheme, operated under NSW legislation, gives an on-street parking priority to eligible residents who cannot park on their own property. The Scheme allows eligible residents to obtain a parking permit to park without time limits in a Resident Parking Zone, in their Area.

    Do I have to be a resident of Willoughby City Council to receive a permit?

    Resident parking permits are only issued to residents for the parking area in which they live. Permits cannot be issued to businesses, non-resident landlords, hotel or hostel guests, or to the occupants of serviced apartments. 

    Residents living in a multi-unit development approved on or after 1 May 1998, are not eligible for a permit under the Resident Parking Scheme. 

    The Council has a Zone system for Resident and Visitor parking permit holders.  Permit holders will only be allowed to use their permits on any street within their zone number where the signage states 'Permit Holders Excepted Zone (number)', for longer than the hourly restrictions on the sign.

    Who is eligible for a permit?

    If you are a Willoughby resident living in a RPS area, you may be eligible to apply for a Residential Parking Permit for up to two vehicles. The number of permits you may be entitled to depends on whether you have any off-street parking spaces on your property (refer to the eligibility criteria table below).

    How many parking permits can I have?

    The eligible number parking permit depends on how many off street parking spaces at a property and the number of vehicles registered to the property.

    Eligible residents are entitled to obtain up to two parking permits per property, with the number of permits reduced by each off-street parking space available at the property.  

     Council will consider all garages, carports and other off-street parking spaces at a residence when deciding a permit application. Also, if the residence can be reasonably modified to provide any off-street parking spaces, these will be considered too. 

    NOTE: A third parking permit has been approved by Council for implementation within Willoughby Council area, however, the eligible residential areas are yet to be determined, review and recommend by the Local traffic Committee for Council final approval. 

    Can I have more permits than the entitlement?

    No. Council's policy aims to deal fairly with all residents. Willoughby City Council streets are already extremely congested. The number of permits issued cannot exceed the amount of actual available on-street parking so limits are set and adhered to.

    How do I apply for a parking permit?

    Residents get a parking permit by applying to the Council and paying the set fee. When applying for a resident parking permit you must provide documentary proof of where you live and proof of your legal connection with the subject car. Accordingly, you must:

    1.  Provide originals of at least two of the following documents showing your home address and that this is in the resident parking area:

    current driver's licence

    tenancy documents in your name

    your name on the electoral roll

    utility account (gas, electricity, water etc)

    bank or credit card statement

    current vehicle registration paper

    home/contents insurance

    rental bond board receipt.

    2.  Produce the vehicle's registration papers showing that it is registered to you. Note: Parking permits cannot be issued for a truck, a bus or for an unregistered vehicle. The Council cannot issue a resident parking permit to a non-resident, even if they are a ratepayer of the City of Willoughby or if they run a business in the City.

    When do the Resident parking Permits get renewed?

    The parking permits are valid from 1 November to 31 October. Renewal notices are sent out in October. Please contact Council Customer Service (9777 1000) for any further enquires. 

    What happened if I do not renew my Resident Parking permit by 30 September?

    All parking permits must be renewed by this date. If you do not, then you must follow the parking restrictions shown on the signs, ir your vehicle may be fined.

    What if I bring a business vehicle home?

    Yes as long as the relevant documentations can be provided to Council for validation.

    Which vehicles are eligible?

    Cars, utilities, station wagons and small vans registered in the name of the resident/ business vehicle. Boats, caravans, trucks, buses, tractors, trailers and heavy vehicles are not eligible for permits. If your vehicle is not registered, the parking permit will be rendered invalid, regardless of expiry date.

    Will Council introduce paid parking in Willoughby Council?

    There are no immediate plans to introduce paid parking. The WCC Street Parking Strategy will be rolled out over the next three to five years, and the community will be kept informed of each stage of implementation. Part of the implementation will involve the street parking surveys, to obtain more accurate data on parking usage. Council may in the future consider appropriate parking restrictions and fees in some areas if the community supported the changes. The community would be consulted before any decision was made on paid parking.

    How much does a resident parking permit cost?

    Currently, resident parking permits cost $43 each per year for the first permit and $85 for the second permit and $170 for the third permit* (* currently not eligible but it is subject to Council’s review and approval of the eligible residential areas). Parking permits will have an expiry date twelve months from the date of annual issue cycle. Please check with Customer Service if you have any further enquiries. The cost of permits is determined annually by the Council as part of the review of its fees and charges. Current costs are posted on the Council’s web site or can be obtained by calling the Council Customer Service on 9777 1000 during office hours. http://www.willoughby.nsw.gov.au/About-Council/Forms-Policies---Publications/CouncilFeesCharges/

    Resident Parking Permits are issued to residents (who requested/submitted an application form and paid the fee) on the yearly basis from the month of October each year. Permit fee is not calculated on pro-rata basis. 

    Why is there a fee for a resident parking permit?

    The introduction of a new parking scheme will make it easier for you to park but the scheme will cost money to set up, run and enforce, therefore a small charge is made to cover administration of the proposed system. Permit fees partially offset the cost of issuing permits and maintaining resident parking signage. The residents who benefit from prioritised parking contribute towards the cost of running the scheme.

    What happens if I buy a new car?

    Permits are not transferable and therefore residents must apply for a replacement permit when they change vehicles. Additionally, the resident must destroy the old permit prior to disposal of the vehicle, and must notify Council of the disposal of the vehicle.

    What about visitors?

    Residents within a RPS area may apply for a visitor’s permit on behalf of a visitor. A visitor’s permit offers the same exemption as a resident permit. However, the fees are different and there is generally a maximum 30 visitor permits are issued to one resident/per household per year.

    Will owning a parking permit guarantee me a space outside my home?

    No. The Residents Parking Scheme does not allow residents to reserve parking spaces. However, by reducing the parking pressure from commuters, and others, in the area, it is much more likely that residents will be able to find parking spaces near to their homes.

    Why is there a No Stopping sign at the end of the street?

    The NSW Road Rule 170 states that a driver must not stop on a road within 10 metres of the nearest point of an intersecting road (at an intersection without traffic signals). In an attempt to make it very clear as to the extent of the statutory restrictions, Council often installs No Stopping signage. With this signage in place it is “crystal clear” to all road users as to where you cannot park.

    You can’t stop here, even briefly. The same applies if there’s a continuous yellow line on the edge of the road.

    What are the Yellow Longitudinal Unbroken Lines?

    A “No Stopping” line can be used to supplement the use of ‘NO STOPPING’ signs. A “No Stopping” line shall comprise an unbroken yellow longitudinal line. It shall be placed on the pavement adjacent to the edge of the road. The edge of the road is to be taken as the edge of pavement, the face of the kerb or the lip of the gutter, whichever exists.

    I have regular visitors (carer) to my home who care for me / my children, can I obtain a Permit for these people?

    Each individual situation is assessed on its merit with the provision of relevant documentations requested by Council for assessment. 

    I am using my garage as a storage space. Can I apply for a Resident Parking Permit?

    No. The availability of a dedicated parking space on the property will reduce your entitlement for a Resident Parking Permit. A garage should therefore be used for parking. You would need to make alternative arrangements for storage.

    Will the scheme make it easier to park at night?

    Often problems at night occur in areas where off-street parking is limited and there is just not enough space for the amount of adjacent resident cars. The residents parking scheme will only prevent commuter and long-stay parking during the hours of operation. It will not assist at night time when the parking pressure is created by residents’ vehicles only.

    My car has been damaged in an accident, and I have been supplied with a courtesy vehicle. Can I get a permit?

    Yes. You can apply for a temporary resident parking permit and relevant supporting documentations from your insurer or repairer confirming that the vehicle displaying the permit is currently undergoing repairs, and for how long. We can then issue you with a permit based on the same fee structure. 

    If I am not entitled to a Resident Parking Permit, do I have any other options?

    Yes. Each property is entitled to purchase 30 Visitor Parking Permits per year. Each permit is valid for one day. These visitor permits can be used in the same Resident Area that a typical Resident Parking Permit can.

    I have just purchased a new car, and the registration papers haven't been issued yet. What can I do?

    If it is a new vehicle, registration papers can take some weeks to arrive. We will accept the purchase receipt from the dealership in lieu of the registration papers, but they must have your name, current Willoughby Council address and registration number on them.

    If the vehicle is secondhand, then please provide a receipt from the dealer (as with new vehicles).

    What about Council car park area adjacent to Naremburn Park?

    We’re not considering changes to time restriction in off-street parking areas at this stage. The current 3P parking restriction provides a good time restriction mixed in Naremburn precinct.

    Any proposed time limit changes in Council’s off-street parking areas would be considered in a separate process. 

    What happens next?

    The survey results and the community consultation feedback will be reviewed by the Willoughby Traffic Committee, which is made up of representatives from Council, Roads and Maritime Services, NSW Police Force, and a representative from the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP.

    The Committee will then make a recommendation to Council as to whether the parking restrictions should be changed or not, which Council will consider (along with the survey results) before making a final decision.

    It is anticipated that a decision will be made by June 2019 for implementation if it is approved by Council.