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Thomson Park

by Willoughby Admin, about 7 years ago

Thomson Park is an important open space resource in the Willoughby Council area with significant active and passive recreational value.

Willoughby City Council is seeking to develop an understanding of how Thomson Park is used in order to develop a Master Plan for the park to guide the management of the park and identify areas of future improvement. 

This process requires input from the local community.  Your feedback is important to us and we welcome your participation.

This consultation has concluded.

  • Tania about 7 years ago
    I am a Family Day Care Educator working in Artarmon and Thomson Park is conveniently close to where I live and work. I am thrilled that Thomson Park is finally getting a bit of a makeover. It is a lovely little park but I find that it is lacking in equipment to suit children of a younger age. The swings are designed for older children and those under 2 can not utilise them due to the fact there are no baby seats. I often find that the sandpit never has enough sand in it and the children are often digging down into the earth beneath, so a top up would be really appreciated. I would love to see some more equipment designed for the under threes, maybe down on the grassy area at the bottom of the park. I would frequent the park more often if there was a little more variety for the kids to choose from. Thanks for taking the time to consider my suggestions :)Regards,Tania
    • Jene about 7 years ago
      I totally agree with Tania. I am a grandmother who lives in Jersey Rd and who minds a toddler, now 2. When I first started looking after him at home, I could not find a suitable park within walking distance. Thomson park was often over-grown and not conducive for little people to play in. The other little park around the corner had no shade, so we could not use it in summer. Also the play equipment was suitable only for older children.I now commute to Camperdown which has a fantastic array of covered parks suitable for under threes. Not only that, but there is a play group at the local infant school for the under threes every day of the week. I could not find anything like that in localarea. Also, their local council provdes a big yellow bus which brings play equipment to different parks around the council area on a rotation basis. What a wonderful resource for young shildren that is.I wonder if any council representative is monitoring this site and willing to comment on the ideas which come in.Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Regards jene
  • Vania about 7 years ago
    This park is close to where I live but sometimes we have to drive to other parks (e.g. Chatswood or Lane Cove) as Thomson is not very baby/toddler friendly. The one aspect I really don't like at all is that some neighbours use the kids playground as a dog exercise area and they don't even bother to remove the animals when children get in, this is extremely dangerous! The Council should find ways to reinforce rules and increase surveillance.
  • Ann about 7 years ago
    Yes, the children's park could do with fresh sand replaced on a regular basis. The children's playground is quite nicely would be nice if the Jersey Road end could be landscaped, too. At the moment it is a bit bland with no seats under the trees. The seats are in rows, in the sun, facing the oval. How about a couple of deciduous trees with couple of picnic seats and tables under them? At the moment I notice people having to sit on the grass for a picnic.
  • EvaW about 7 years ago
    I live nearby and would like to see more benches and picnic tables put in. The playground equipment needs upgrading and it would be nice to have some outdoor adult exercise equipment. Regards,Eva
  • firthc about 7 years ago
    I have two children at Artarmon Public school and the oval is the only source of space for them to run around on during school hours. It is badly in need of a make over and proper drainage to extend it use during the rainy season. I also understand discussions are underway to look at replacing the existing toilet facilities with a community space with the option of offering more OOSH places. I really welcome this as a working parent who relies on Kids Cottage for OOSH and vacation care. Artarmon is already over crowded and more recreation facilities for kids would get a big thumbs up from me. Unfortunately if it goes ahead my kids would be leaving home by the time it become a reality. Hurry up and get it done!!!
  • Marion about 7 years ago
    I am a grandmother of 6 and oftten take my young grandchildren to the park. Love the sandpit as this really is great for kids development. It would be good if there was another swing for toddlers. Also the grade for little ones and grannies to climb up the side of the slipperydip is too great. It would be good to have more activities in this park for all children, more climbing and strength work for the older children even a wall for children to practice their ball skills.
  • Sam about 7 years ago
    My wife and I are living in front of the Thompson Park and this park has had a great value to our life. If the following facilities added to the park, it would be much better:1- Children facilities, equipmnets,(we don't have kids but we are enjoying by watching them.)2- Some family related sport facilities such as table tennis, badminton net, etc. (I don't know any location with this kind of facilities near to this area.)3- More benches and seats inside the park.4- More appropriate drainage system, because during the raining, the ground becomes mudy and cannot be used.Many thanks for this opportunity.
  • Willoughby Admin about 7 years ago
    Thank you to everyone for your comments and for sharing your thoughts on Thomson Park. Once we have collated all the surveys and comments we will provide information via this site and the Council website about the feedback we have received. We really appreciate you all taking the time to have your say, Thanks!
  • Mehdi about 7 years ago
    My wife and I are living in front of the Thompson Park and this park has had a great value to our life.Some family related sport facilities such as table tennis, badminton net, etc.Thanks.