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Which subject areas would you most like to give feedback on?

by Willoughby Admin,

Over the next six months we will be seeking your feedback on a range of issues. Council officers will prepare discussion topics based on a number of considerations. Sometimes we will post topics seeking feedback on specific service areas or local issues as requested by Council and staff. Other times we might need input into a key policy or decision that Council is considering. On other occasions we might be asking questions about our performance so that we can use your input to gauge how well we are doing and where we might need to improve.

We would also like to know what subjects YOU would like to talk about via this forum.

We have provided a few ideas from our current Willoughby City Strategy to get you started. (The answers we get in this session will help us determine future forum topics)

Healthy Lifestyles - e.g access to recreation facilities and services in the area, access to open space and healthy activities

Transport and mobility - e.g access to public transport and active transport options like bike paths, general mobility around the City

Community Engagement - e.g how Council communicates with you and invloves rseidents in the decision making process

Access to community services - e.g are there gaps in service provision in the City? What should we be planning for now and into the future?

Community & Cultural Life - e.g do we as a community encourage positive community spirit, interaction and inclusiveness? What kinds of art based or cultural events would you like to see more of?

Our Environment - e.g. issues on conservation and protection of natural environment in the area; sustainable practices and how we can help people live more sustainably

Doing business in Willoughby - e.g. Willoughby has a diverse mix of commercial activities. What's great about doing business here? What can Council do to help local business and industry?

Civic Leadership - e.g do we keep the community well informed of Council policies, decisions, events and services; what is your overall satisfaction level with our perfromance?

Regional and local issues - e.g issues of any kind that you feel may have a considerable impact on the community of Willoughby City.

Issues by target group - e.g. specific local issues for children, youth, families, singles, adults, seniors, people with a disability, frail aged, men, women etc.

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