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Please tell us your thoughts on the Draft Open Space and Recreation Plan 2013

by Willoughby Admin, over 6 years ago
  • Would you like to see anything changed, added or removed from the Plan?
  • What are your overall impressions of the Plan?
  • Please tell us about how you use open space and recreation areas and what you feel is important about these spaces

This consultation has concluded.

  • 123degrees over 6 years ago
    The Open Space plan does not discuss Community Gardens. The garden atWarners Park Northbridge should be included in the sustainable practices and healthy lifestyle section. It also attracts many elderly people (women in particular). I am surprised it is not promoted as a way to bring people from different cultures together as the HUB at Chatswood does this. i think it is a wasted opportunity. At Warners park we have clubhouse and large kitchen attached and it could be fantastic to use the garden and cooking facilities together. We now also have local preschool coming to help plant and this is a huge opportunity to get everyone involved in the whole garden to plate/grow it local movement.Perhaps gardens cold be set up in retirement villages and nursing homes so that the elderly residents and enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables whilst the community comes into the garden to do the hard work.I would like to see a community pizza oven installed and have weekly cook ups for everyone to enjoy or we could hire it out for functions (Albury Council now has 2 for this purpose)Masters Athletics- with an ageing population this activity- which runs out of Rotary park on Mowbray road is woefully under funded and promoted. There is a huge masters circuit and the facilities at Rotary are appalling. There is no mention of this in the master plan.Free bike program- many cities have a bike program run by commercial operators who exchange free bikes for free advertising space. No point in bike paths if there are no bikes on them. there seems to be an emphasis on bike paths to the city but many locals would like to ride safely around their own suburb.Canberra allows bikes on footpaths where there is a shared mentality and people don't complain about people riding safely on the footpaths. i would like this adopted in Willoughby especially along Eastern Valley way.Mistake- Page 81 shows a junior soccer field at Warners park- this no longer exists, but a car park does.
  • Ckb over 6 years ago
    I agree with the comments below. There are some great ideas here. What about open art spaces. Bondi has sculptures by the sea. We could have sculptures by the park....Also areas inside and out for craft and sewing might be fun. It would be fun to get local communities to do their own redesign of unused space. There is heaps of land not being used to its capacity in Willoughby.
  • Melrose over 6 years ago
    I love the ideas such as an outdoor pizza oven and a community garden in Northbridge. I would like to see one or two of the parks in Willoughby used as gated dog parks. This is in use at Clanville Park in Roseville (Ku Ring Gai Council) and it is very popular with the local dog owners. It actually brings the community together because the dogs can run free and not get into too much trouble. The present dog parks are great but when training with young dogs there are too many areas they can run off to (such as main roads) due to a lack of fencing. The fenced areas also make it known (more clearly) to non dog owners that these areas are especially for dogs and their owners. There are more and more people needing space to exercise their pets in secure areas, where the owners too can relax and not worry about the dogs venturing into play areas or BBQ spots. The plan does not really address this in any way. On another note, I would like to see signs displaying what times sports teams have booked ovals for (both games and training) as I have often planned to go for a walk/run around an oval and got there to find a large group of young men and women using the whole oval. I am then forced to walk around the local streets. These teams also take over the car parks which then forces locals to go elsewhere or park further away. Signs would let me know when I should look elsewhere to exercise. I like the aim of the plan, especially with plans such as the channel 9 redevelopment on the table. With all these new developments and subdivision of larger blocks (into duplexes) backyards are smaller or non existent. We need better quality, more user friendly spaces where locals can gain a sense of community and belonging. A separation of competitive sports and more casual areas, as addressed in the plan, is a thoughtful idea.
    • wrogers over 6 years ago
      I thoroughly agree with Melrose re the need for fully fenced/ gated off leash dog exercise areas. Lowanna park is one such space and it attracts a large group of dog owners from the area. However, the playground within the park is not separately fenced, making it very difficult to enforce the exclusion zone. I'd like to suggest secure fencing for Harold Reid oval and Bales park amongst others as these are used extensively by dog owners. It would also be lovely to have access to open water for dog exercise purposes in Willoughby. In general I support the aims of the plan and am pleased that the council is seeking to preserve and enhance the reserves and bush spaces.
  • Rachel over 6 years ago
    I note that you have planned for Exercise areas in section 1.40 • Install exercise stations in appropriate locationsconsistent with adopted master plans and Landscape Improvement Plans.I wish to endorse this proposal and recommend elevating it to priority High as many people utilise the existing walkways and pathways particularly under the Gore Hill Freeway and around to Willoughby Leisure Centre, Artarmon Oval and other surrounding parks/ovals, and nowhere is there even one exercise station which is a highly valuable component of any balanced exercise plan - not just walking/cycling. If you wish to ensure future health/longevity of your constituents and avoid having them becoming a burden on the community, please consider elevating this in priority .. there are many many people who would make good use of it, I am sure of this.
  • Bobf over 6 years ago
    The reserves and walkways are a crucial elements of Willoughby City's open space system. While the public open space within the Griffin Conservation Area has its own Master Plan, there is no mention of the system in the Draft Open Space & Recreation Plan 2013. It would be useful to see how this system rates within the wider city-wide strategy.