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What improvements would you like to see on Council's websites?

by Willoughby Admin, over 6 years ago

Please tell us: 

  • What type of information do you find most useful on Council's websites?
  • Is there anything you would like to see on Council's websites that isn't currently there?
  • Are there any improvements you could suggest?
  • Do you have any general feedback about Council's websites?

This consultation has concluded.

  • Ian over 6 years ago
    Overall the WCC website is very good and appears to have a technical savvy team supporting it. However it's probably overlooked or not utilized by many residents/ businesses due to the promotion/ awareness of the services and information available. Also some of the residents exposure to IT, either due to experience or age is a problemGenerally I find the information I am looking for and congratulate the council on it. As an adjunct, I suggest a email protocol be looked at in respect of WCC responding to queries and or problems directed to it.