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How satisified are you with the standard of Parks, Playgrounds and Sportsgrounds in your area?

by Willoughby Admin, over 6 years ago

We would love it if you could let us know your level of satisfaction with our local parks, playgrounds and sportsgrounds. What improvements would you like to see? What do you like about these assets at present? How do you use our parks, playgrounds and sportsgorunds?

Thanks for taking the time to Have Your Say!

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  • michael over 6 years ago
    I think the upgrade to Northbridge oval has been great; lights and artificial turf both enable much more use of the existing space. The carpark and planting of native plants is a plus too.I'd like to see similar improvements at the leisure centre site. I feel the baseball field is under-utilised while taking up such a large area. Perhaps the baseball could be resited to bicentennial or another (Castle cove?) oval to enable due usage?The existing baseball area could then be used for extra parking and netball while allowing expansion of the leisure centre to allow much needed increase in pool space?
    • Unit Owner about 6 years ago
      I agree the baseball diamond at flat rock is underused. It should be developed into a golf driving range.
      • RRJK about 6 years ago
        The baseball diamond is used 4 - 5 times each week during the summer season. The baseball club would like the season to be longer but we have been limited to a short season due to the use of Bicentennial by the soccer teams autumn / winter & spring. There are a large amount of teams in the local baseball club and to be able to play home games, at least 4 diamonds are required - and this is all we have access to. Unfortunately we cannot grow the club any larger because there are not enough grounds to accommodate an increase in the number of teams. Any plans to change the use of Flat Rock will decimate the sport of baseball in the whole lower north shore area. Considering there are no other outdoor TEAM sports for girls to play in the summer, baseball provides a good option for them as well as the other 300 + participants in the Club every summer.
        • Unit Owner about 6 years ago
          You totally agree. 4-5 times a week in summer only is not good use of a large recreation space. As a golf driving range it would be in use and high demand from 8am to 10pm 7 days a week. 300 participants is not a worthy number for such a large and also utility demanding space. There are plenty of outdoor team sports for females in summer. Have you heard of cricket? Beach volleyball? Touch football? Oztag? Futsal? Netball night comp? Sailing? Cycling? Rowing? Tennis doubles? Plenty to choose from. Before you start and rant and say I am anti baseball, I love the game, played it for years, hit several home runs at flat rock but reality dictates reallocating this under used space...
  • HayesFamily over 6 years ago
    The Chatswood oval and its associated gardens and infrastructure is an excellent facility which the grounds maintenance team work hard to keep in good condition. It is sad that some users spoil those facilities by leaving their trash in the viewing stadiums which spoils it for the rest of us. Could Council please ensure the daily trash removal from the surrounding gardens and grounds includes the open stadiums.
  • Yenda over 6 years ago
    The upgrade a couple of years ago to Sanders Park is paying dividends. The trees are becoming more mature, and the park is very pretty.I wonder if it might be worthwhile installing a gate particularly at the lower exit? Children on scooters, and balls, can easily escape from the lower exit in particular.I am also a big fan of the Bicentennial Park.I take my grandchildren to Sanders Park, Bales Park, occasionally to the park in Artarmon Reserve, and to Bicentennial Park.Bales Park is ideal because there are secure gates and the children can safely ride their scooters. The lovely bike riding area in Bicentennial Park is not very suitable for young children as there is no gate to stop them getting away very quickly from their carers.I walk alone in Artarmon Reserve to Artarmon, around the oval, and also along to Bicentennial Park. I appreciate the removal of graffiti in the area between Artarmon Reserve and along the walkway/bicycle way to Bicentennial Park.I only occasionally use the sportsgrounds as a area for throwing balls or running with the children, but we are fortunate to have open spaces in our area.
  • Gordon Cricket Club over 6 years ago
    Chatswood Oval and Beauchamp Park have been used by Gordon Cricket Club ffor over 100 years and over 60 years respectively and are havens for relaxation and enjoyment. The groundsmen keep the playing surfaces of both grounds in very good condition. While it is great to see casual users on these two ovals they need to be mindful not to degrade the surface as the Cricket Club pays to use these assets. Alternative parks should recommended for casual users to spread "wear and tear".Careless dog owners not picking up dog feces leave a potential unhealthy situation for sports teams using Beauchamp Park. Facilities need constant maintenance and repair, e.g. Harrison Pavilion, Chatswood Oval. Removal of garbage and debris in both these parks should be a priority so they are left clean for all users. Unfortunately people leave garbage and broken bottles etc in nthe stands at night and on weekdays which remain there on weekends.
  • TGG over 6 years ago
    The one area where we need to improve is the around the responsibility of dog owners. This is especially bad in Willoughby Park in Warrane Road.Over the past year I have observed- Dog owners letting dogs run wild on the upper oval at unallocated times, scaring kids, fighting with other dogs etc- Dog owners not cleaning up dog faeces- Dogs running around without owners present- Dogs bothering people, frightening children at the eating areasCalls the Ranger dont seem to yield any action. There needs to be a stricter enforcement of by-laws as dog owners do not seem to take the rules seriosuly (posted on multiple signs around the upper and lower oval).Dogs can be dangerous and there waste product is toxic to children. Time to take action Willoughby Council by banning dogs them from very popular spots and enforce the regulations!
    • Melrose over 6 years ago
      TGG, As a dog owner I agree this park has some issues with dog owners not watching their dogs and respecting others who use the area. The problem is that the area is a dog park and non dog owners also need to respect the fact that dogs will be walked there. The answer to the problem is not to ask for fines, stricter enforcement and calling the ranger but for council to provide better areas for dog owners. Clanville Park in Roseville is a great example of this as it has a large gated area for dogs to run off leash and an enclosed children's park as well. It has a great sense of community spirit surrounding it as it has stopped the 'battle' between non dog owners and dog owners. Children are protected, people can use the tables and café in peace (without being pestered by dogs walking past) and the sports areas are kept free from waste. I can not see why council do not designate the lower oval as a gated dog area and the top oval can be used for sport. If this can not be done then surely the park in High St near the shops can be fixed up to allow dogs off leash there. Dogs and there owners need spaces too and not all dogs are bad but the limited space in Willoughby to interact with them, train them and encourage them to be social is one of the problems of living in this area.
      • TGG over 6 years ago
        'The problem is that the area is a dog park and non dog owners also need to respect the fact that dogs will be walked there'Sorry Melrose, this is not the problem! In this case, the upper oval does not allow dogs off leash except at designated time early in the morning. Dog owners walking dogs around the park on leash (allowed) or letting them run on the lower oval (allowed) do deserve respect for obeying the rules. The ones who IGNORE the rules, like the 3 dog owners I spoke to on the weekend, do not deserve respect and should not be pandered to with more facilities.I understand and empathise with your point about limited space because we all suffer with that (and with more high density dwellings planned for the area, its only going to get worse).I agree that dog owners should have adequate facilities to run their dogs, but first and foremost they need to respect the rules (currently not happening). In addition the cost (both $ and in terms of environmental quality/safety) should not be at the expense of the community at large.All of your suggestions make sense (putting up gates/making the lesser used parks dog only etc) would be good to see council look at this and make some changes that benefit all of us.
    • RealMcCoy over 6 years ago
      As a professional dog walker (an ethical one, who does not walk more dogs than allowed by law, and who maintains control and supervision of the ones I am walking), I have to say that most dog owners want to do the right thing. Unfortunately, the lack of facilities for safe, off lead exercise for dogs can lead to problems such as those you've mentioned, not just because owners have a "disregard for regulations", but because they have extremely limited options in exercising their dogs off lead. I would encourage Willoughby Council to take steps to ensure that there are adequate, safely-fenced off lead dog areas available to as many residents as possible, in order to ensure the safety of children and pets, and also to ensure that dogs aren't denied the exercise they so desparately require to keep them happy and healthy, and reduce the problems of lack of exercise, which may include excessive barking, jumping, biting, etc.I would also like to suggest that separate dog exercise/off lead areas for dogs of different sizes would go a long ways towards helping owners to keep their dogs under control (bigger dogs not having the opportunity to chase smaller ones, etc.) and reduce the amount of ranger callouts for conflict between dog owners who are attempting to use the same facility during the very limited times when dogs are allowed at them. I should hope that the Council would be interested in ensuring that their dog owners (at least 40% of the population - quite probably more) are able to adequately care for and exercise their pets, which contribute to our physical and mental well-being in so many ways.
      • TGG over 6 years ago
        Agree, the fundamental issue (aside from the minority of dog owners acting very selfishly) is properly provisioned public space. Dropping kids to sports on Saturday is now a major ordeal, traffic, parking, congested pitches etc. Schools are bursting at the seams. I could go on and on and on here.....How great to see council responding to this by allowing more high density housing in the area (Channel 9 site, Archer Street etc). Maybe the overall answer is to sack the council and put in people who understand the issues/challenges and will assist in developing the community rather than making it worse.
  • katie over 6 years ago
    My daughter and I are regular visitors to the numerous parks and playgrounds in the Chatswood/Willoughby area. Beauchamp Park is the closest park/playground to our home and we were eagerly awaiting the results of the recent upgrade, but were quite disappointed when construction was completed. While the landscaping, new pathways and extra seating are welcome additions the overall 'upgrade' leaves a lot to be desired.In particular:There has been an overall reduction in the amount play equipment, particular toddler friendly equipment.Unlike the majority of other playgrounds in Chatswood/Willoughby, Beachamp Park remains unfenced. For parents with multiple children fenced vs. unfenced is a big factor in deciding which park to visit. (Having the park unfenced also raises questions around the 'sand-pit', which is an attractive spot for cats and dogs to visit). In addition to the above, I have some concerns around the safety of the area:The slope of the soft-fall mat around the slippery dip is quite steep and difficult to climb.The double slippery dip is very narrow and not really suitable for two children to slide down together.There is a large step from the softfall area onto the woodchipped zone, making it difficult for smaller children to maneuver between the two zones. We will continue to enjoy the other parks and playgrounds in the area (Bales Park and Willoughby Park in particular), but for real inspiration, I would highly recommend a visit to Livvi's Place at Yamble Reserve, Quarry Rd, Ryde.
  • Unit Owner about 6 years ago
    Owners of dogs should pay an annual fee. This fee allows them to walk their animals on council footpaths and use the parks leash free zones. The fee pays for rangers that clean up after them especially our sports grounds that are covered in faeces which our children must play on. Only seeing eye or guide dogs are exempt.
    • Melrose about 6 years ago
      Dear Unit Owner,I already pay my rates and I paid a fee to register my dog. I clean up after my dog no matter where I walk it. If the council puts in dog parks your problem would not arise. Rangers don't clean up after dogs whose owners leave poop in parks. I am yet to see one ranger do this from Willoughby council. If we install fees for dog owners can I then suggest that parents whose children ride bikes on the footpaths and in the parks also pay a fee. If you go to Hallstrom Park after sport you will see the biggest litter pile that rangers really DO have to come and clean up. It is putrid, people should be responsible but they aren't (no matter if it is dog owners or people attending sport). I'm afraid I strongly disagree with your argument.
  • John_B about 6 years ago
    Campbell Park in west Chatswood (between Dalrymple and Sharland Ave) is a park suffering from surprisingly low investment in play equipment/facilities and as a result is sadly under-utilised. This is despite its attractive leafy setting, being adjacent to one of the suburb's most popular preschools, and the absence of other major playgrounds in the area. It has a tiny slippery dip, a small spiders web to climb on, 2 tiny swings, a spinning pole and 1 rarely used BBQ - if you know the park this list makes it sound much more exciting than it actually is. My kids have grown up from 1-8 years old within throwing distance of the park but never want to go there because the equipment is so limited and uninspiring. Some modern, larger and more age-diverse equipment would bring the park up to the basic modern standard of other parks in the surrounding suburbs and make use of what is an under utilised community asset.
  • MSC about 6 years ago
    I'd like to see (a) lighting in the evening,s and (b) durable basketball nets (chains?) on all basketball courts. The lighting will mean that the courts actually get used by adults during the week in winter. Nets mean much less frustration when practising shots as you're not running after the ball onto the road / oval when you score. This will encourage increased usage as well.
  • Greville about 6 years ago
    I think the Greville Street sports field has been neglected for some years and i understand that finally some funding has been allocated to improve the facility.If the field had been used by adult players it would have been brought to attention earlier as the tree roots on one side became quite hazardous.Some of the football fields had no grass covering by the end of season so there appears to be a very strong case for artificial turf. Surely funds can be allocated from the developers contributions to council.
  • KFLN about 6 years ago
    Northbridge Oval is a fantastic resource allowing consistent community use in all weathers. It would be great to see other heavily used ovals, and Chatswood High School in particular, also converted to all weather surfaces.
  • adowling about 6 years ago
    Access to Basketball Facilities Needs to be Improved--------------------------------------------Basketball is now once again the fastest-growing sport in Australia at a grassroots level, with fantastic participation rates from both girls and boys through primary and high school. Yet the availability of courts for juniors is terrible in our area. Not only are there very few indoor courts available for hire by coaches wishing to train teams of young kids, access to and condition of outdoor courts is very poor. I've been in country towns where kids get 10x the access to decent courts than we do in the Willoughby area ... and I'm forced to go to other parts of Sydney for the kids I train.Main issues are:* Number of indoor courts available (obviously this is difficult issue to change without building new facilities, but some partnering with schools in the area may help)* Availability of existing indoor courts -- the two courts at Willoughby Leisure Centre are difficult to book out for training sessions for kids in the early evening, and they're often being used for activities (e.g. yoga) that can be done in other areas than a basketball court ... if these activities could be shifted to generalised sports halls it would free up some space* Availability of indoor courts at early hours -- other gyms open their courts up at 6am for early training sessions by teams. The Crows Nest courts only open at 8am, and the Willoughby courts could improve too* Quality of outdoor surface at Willoughby is terrible* No nets on the courts outdoors at Willoughby* Backboards in poor conditions* Limited number of outdoor courts with lighting
  • idyson about 6 years ago
    Thomson Park gets heavy use from multiple sports all year round. I hope all groups that use it for training are making the appropriate contribution. Like Greville St, it would be suited to a small sided synthetic surface for football, that like Northbridge could continue to have nets and pitch for cricket.The flow down Cordia Path, Artarmon Res, Bicentennial Pk, Tunks Pk to the water and beyond is fantastic. Keep the graffiti off the Gore Hill Fwy (mobile app?) and the bubblers running and all is right with the world.
  • mary rose about 6 years ago
    Chatswood Oval seems to be the best kept oval in the area, yet only a minority among the community seems to use it for organised sports games. In winter, soccer clubs should be able to use it, as soccer is by far the most popular winter sport in the area. Given the overcrowding of local schools in the area, schoolchildren should also be permitted to use this oval for sports lessons and inter-school games. It is time for Willoughby Council to democratise access to the best oval in Chatswood.Chatswood High oval desperately needs an upgrade -- when it is in use by school students and soccer clubs in winter, it is often turned into a mud pit. Ditto for Thomson Oval, which also doubles as a school playground -- it is perhaps the most neglected-looking oval in the area -- fallen tree branches lie around for months with no one bothering to clean them up. Surface drains badly; one side of it turns into a swamp even after light rain.
  • football fan about 6 years ago
    Northbridge oval is a great facility. We need to maximise the access to existing fields to meet the growing demand for sports fields. Castle Cove access should be expanded, especially on Sundays. An exploration into suitable fields for resurfacing with artifical grass is needed as a priority. Census figures show 1.7 million Aussies play football - that's boys, girls, men and women.More support is also needed for cyclists. We need to protect and expand cycleways; and educate drivers and cyclists about safety. More cyclists means less cars on the roads.
  • soccer fan chatswood almost 6 years ago
    Northbridge Oval is fantastic and I think the Willoughby area urgently needs more ovals need to be resurfaced with artificial turf - possibly those whose surface is often poor due to overuse and are closed the moment it rains - eg Thompson Park, Chatswood High and Naremburn Ovals.Basketball facilities do need expanding. WLC and Crows Nest courts are at capacity. With continued development of home unit building, can't sporting facilities such as basketball courts be factored into the space? Or more carpark rooftops utilised?The Willoughby area is growing with young families. Sporting facilities need to be expanded to cope with the growing number of children taking up sport each year. Not to mention their parents!
  • griff almost 6 years ago
    When it comes to sportsgrounds there are obvious issues, firstly there is no way that the current allocation of sporting spaces will be anywhere near enough in the future if we study the numbers of adults coming back to play competitive sport. Already sporting clubs have limited use of spaces through neighbourhood time restrictions plus general wear and tear. Typically on Sundays ovals have very reduced allocated playing times meaning locals have to travel to other council areas to play their 'home' games. The biggest growth in Football is with the Over 35 and 45 age groups. With more and more children, boys and girls playing Football, the number of adults playing Football can be expected to double within 10 years. So a very urgent upgrade of grass to synthetic pitches is needed, forget time restrictions on current ovals and plan for better use of spaces that are under used.