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Which community assets are at the core of your neighbourhood?

by Willoughby Admin, almost 7 years ago

The large range of services provided by Council relies on a pool of assets valued at over $760M. These include buildings, roads, bridges, footpaths, kerb and gutter, stormwater, parks, playgrounds, sportsgrounds and bushland.

We’d love to hear about which services you frequently use and which community assets you rely on.

This consultation has concluded. If you wish to ask a question or make a submission on the Special Rate Variation please visit the Special Rate Variation Consultation page which you can find on the main page of Have Your Say Willoughby.

  • ILD almost 7 years ago
    I use all the playgrounds in the Chatswood and Willoughby area for my children. I had always heavily relied on Council parking in Chatswood (eg on Albert Ave and Thomas St) which has been progressively sold off by the Council to private developers for construction of apartments. I am concerned with the lack of parking and how the Council will be replacing such parking infrastructure.
    • Darius almost 7 years ago
      Hi ILDThank you for starting the conversation about assets in your neighbourhood. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and your feedback will be taken on board. We look forward to hearing further comments from the community on this topic.Darius
    • SusieQ over 6 years ago
      I have lived in Northbridge since 1969 and the parking in Willoughby Municipality has gradually become a real issue. The side streets near our Plaza Shopping Centre are booked out all day due to staff at the Plaza not being able to park anywhere else.Also commuter parking is a big problem. The streets north of the Suspension Bridge are almost parked out to their end during the day. Come night it is not much better.This may be an issue for the State Government rather than Local Government. Probably we need multi-storey parking stations with a non-commercial weekly fee.The cars are spoiling our lovely suburbs!
  • mevans almost 7 years ago
    I use and greatly enjoy the many bush walks around Middle Cove and Castlecove as well as the off-road bike tracks in Willoughby. I'd love to see the bike tracks extended! Willoughby Park is a favourite and the Arts Centre there. I think the Willoughby Bowling Club (near Willoughby Park) could be renovated and have multi uses to serve more of the population. It has an excellent kitchen from which cooking courses could be run - produce swaps, vege garden classes etc I see it as a wonderful intergenerational space where old and young get together to help and learn from each other. We don't have any space for this as yet in Willoughby - it is greatly needed!!! We also greatly need co-housing opportunities for people that is also intergenerational and near shops and amentities - we don't want age ghettoes!!
    • 123degrees almost 7 years ago
      Likewise I bush walk around the local area of Northbridge and the coves and love it. I regularly ride to Chatswood and the bike lanes sometimes peter out and disappear after road resurfacing.Eastern Valley Way is extremely dangerous and i have to ride on the footpath to remain safe. I always ride slowly on the footpath and have noticed that if there is a bike sign sprayed on the path and you are polite then people are happy to share.Flexible housing options are desperately needed. There are many single older people who have plenty of extra rooms. If the council could help them convert these spaces into mini apartments then you could easily accommodate all the extra people we are trying to shoe horn into the suburb.
  • Adviser169 almost 7 years ago
    We know the obvious assets such as park, kerb, footpaths, playgrounds etc. However, the public may not be fully aware buildings that belong to the council. As council facilities may not necessarily be located in a building owned by the council. Council may also own residential/commercial/industrial buildings that are not currently occupied by council facilities. I suggest you to include a url link to list of buildings that are council's assets, so that respondents can more accurately reflect their views.
  • ltazelaar almost 7 years ago
    I use the Willoughby Leisure Centre at least 3 times a week and am very supportive of the plans to develop the Centre, including adding an additional 50m pool. The single 25m pool gets extremely busy with swim squads, childrens activities and acquatic exercise classes, so for the working person the only time I can guarantee I can get a swim is to go after 8:00pm. I also use the bike/pedestrian path from Naremburn to Artarmon, it is a much safer alternative to riding on Willoughby Road. I have recently started using Willoughby Park to take the dog for an off-the-leash walk, it is an awesome park and it is great to see so many kids, parents and dogs getting on so well together.
  • Marion almost 7 years ago
    I love walking in Artarmon Reserve. Graffitti seems to be an expensive and unsightly problem. I would like to see very prickly plants planted where Graffitti is a problem especially along the Gore Hill Expressway. This I am sure would be a cheap way to discourage artists. I would also like to see a Graffitti artists wall along parts of this walk.
  • Greenberg almost 7 years ago
    We are a family of 6 and frequently use the footpaths (with pram) and kids on scooters, skateboards and bikes. I escort my kids on bikes to Willoughby primary by cycling on the footpaths to the school. Pity these footpaths along Edinburgh are so narrow. We use various parks such as willoughby, Warners Park and Edinburgh Road reserve. The playgrounds in the area are lacking in soft fall ground covering which is appropriate for 1 yolds. The dirty bark that covers the playgound areas is very messy, dirty and hard for 1 yolds to crawl and walk on. Also, there are no appriopriate playgound equipment for ages groups 6 - 10 yolds. Sometimes I take the kids on the weekend to play on the playground equipment at their school (Willoughby Primary) because it's more age appropriate for them and because there's a complete lack of equipment like this outside the school in the council area.
  • Greenberg almost 7 years ago
    Parking is an issue. I would like to propose parking meters for all streets ajoining parks, playgrounds and frequently used public areas with the provision that RATE PAYING RESIDENTS get an exception sticker for their vehicles. Quite often people from outside the Willoughby area drive to th Willoughby area to use the facilities which we as rate payers pay for. The cost of the building and upkeep of council assets is huge and paid for mostly by residents paying rates. So therefore why should people from outside the area use and wear out these facilities without contributing to their upkeep. The best way to ensure that 'outsiders' help to contribute to support the facilities that they use is to add parking meters.A number of councils already do this, eg Warringah council which has setup parking meters in all the beach carparks which are free to use by local residents in that council area. 'outsider's like us have to pay to use them.
    • Artarmonite almost 7 years ago
      Let's face it - most councils provide parks for children and very few residents of other suburbs would travel to Willoughby to use the area. For every person from say the Blue Mountains who comes to Willoughby there would many more from Willoughby going there. I would also guess that more people go from Willoughby to beaches than people from beach suburbs come here. In Warringah the beach carparks are often empty while beachgoers clog the local streets paying nothing. Another issue you have is that Willoughby people often park near Artarmon station to use the train. Are you saying they should pay for this while nearby residents have exemption stickers? It should also be remembered that people who rent pay rates through their rent but are often neglected in Ratepayer Sticker schemes.
      • Greenberg almost 7 years ago
        Willoughby people and Artarmon people are both within the same Willoughby council area and so would be exempt from paying for parking.Also, if parking meters were there then they wouldn't have to fight for parks with northern beaches commuters that want to drive to chatswood and artarmon station and get the train from there.I think those that pay rates should be entitled to exemption from parking meters.
  • Greenberg almost 7 years ago
    We use the Skatepark at Chatswood. This is small and very heavily used on weekends with up to 20 - 30 kids, teenagers and adults trying to use it at the same time. I think it prudent for Willoughby Council to build a new skatepark around the Willoughby Northbridge area. I think Willoughby Park would be the best location for this as the park is already very heavily used by a lot of kids who couldn't make it to Chatswood skatepark by themselves. Warners Park would be another good location for a new skatepark. One skatepark in the whole Willoughby council area is not adequate and should be addressed for the ever increase population of children in the Willoughby area.
    • 123degrees almost 7 years ago
      I live in Northbridge and we have a quiet community garden area with play groups using the adjoining hall and local kindy's coming for planting excursions. On the weekend the small park is heavily used by locals for BBQ's and birthday parties. It attracts a younger group of children as the facilities don't encourage use by older children. This is how it should be . I would object strongly to a skate park as it would bring in older kids who have a bike ramp area and the use of the new grasses oval.
    • Rob almost 7 years ago
      I know there is plans for a skateboard park at artarmon reserve and look forward to seeing this possibility become real.
      • Greenberg almost 7 years ago
        Willoughby council has a number of locations that it's looking at for a 2nd skatepark including Willoughby park, Bicentennial Park near Willoughby Leisure centre, artarmon reserve, Gore Hill oval, Naremburn Park, northbridge Park according to the latest Willoughby council skatepark development plan which was written in 1998. Demographics have changed a lot in that time with a great increase of children in the Willoughby area. You can read the development plan from: consider the willoughby Park to be a better area for this because there are more kids in the willoughby area, and artarmon reserve is already quite close to the existing skatepark at chatswood, so why have a 2nd skatepark so close to the first. Be better putting the 2nd skatepark in an area that isn't close to an existing skatepark and has a high population of kids and teenagers.
  • SP! almost 7 years ago
    We are a local family with primary aged kids, and we make a lot of use of Willougby Council-owned facilities - even though we neither go to work nor school in the LGA. Roads and related infrastructure are things we use daily, and it is difficult to see how there is any discretion in how maintenence etc is prioritised. I'd love to see more community transport infrastructure as the population ages (even just "carpooling" stops, but also some carshare spots in popular zones, more regular community loop buses and bikeshare facilities etc. Transport will be a bigger issue as the boom in primary kids locally grows into as mass of local youth, and as congestion / environmental concerns lead more people to disfavour driving. Local area buses (an hourly chatswood shopping centre loop for instance) and more bike storage (and bike-related stuff-storage - like shopping or helmets etc) would be great to see in Chatswood. Willoughby Park and Willoughby Park Centre are mainstays for our after-school, weekend and vacation activities, although our children are starting to age out of many of those programs and I've not found good local alternatives (for tweens / teens). Local parks, ovals etc are a staple of weekend sport and leisure and are good enough that friends and family from other parts of Sydney do always want to meet us here. Willoughby Leisure Centre is one we use regularly, and we are starting to get a lot of use of the basketball expanses nearby. We make a lot of use of the other parks, tracks and trails through bushland in Middle Cove, Castlecrag and through to Naremburn. We use the libraries a great deal, and love the new facilities at the Concourse. I'd agree with the other comments that there's much in Willoughby Council's asset base that people aren't aware of - I was looking to hire a venue recently and was surprised at how much there was out there.And its a fantastic idea to promote intergenerational use of the bowling club, and this has been extremely successful in revitalising bowling clubs in other areas (eg Petersham bowling club).
  • 123degrees almost 7 years ago
    Population growth is not the best solution for continuous economic growth. We need to do a sustainable capacity footprint assessment to see how many people we can actually fit in Willoughby before our standard of living starts to suffer. Who wants to see chocked streets, over used parks,trampled bushland,crowded pools and constant upkeep. This is what extra people bring. The most sustainable and successful communities have small populations like Sweden and Norway and yet have a high standard of living. Big is not beautiful.
  • heidir almost 7 years ago
    Our family uses Willoughby Leisure Centre regularly and we support plans to renovate and extend. The gym in particular is too small, needs more floor space for people who want to do stretching, yoga etc. and an outdoor pool section that gets some sun would be nice. Otherwise it's a great facility, has excellent parking and is clearly heavily used. We also occasionally use Northbridge Baths, which is adequate for a quick swim but needs an overhaul to be a fully utilised community facility. I would really like to see public kayak storage facilities down at the baths or elsewhere in Northbridge so more people can access the harbour easily. Our kids used to use the Northbridge dirt bike track but it has now been degraded by skateboarders so is no longer usable by children. We also use the Northbridge and Chatswood libraries.I walk through bushland around Northbridge golf course, the beautiful Flat Rock Gully, Castlecrag, the many lane ways and the Knoll. Northbridge Plaza parking lot is always packed and trollies race off on their own, so I walk to the Plaza whenever possible rather than drive. We use bike paths regularly including the paths around the Leisure Centre and to Lane Cove, and bike routes into the city. These could all be extended and improved to be safer and more convenient as an alternative to driving.
    • Melrose over 6 years ago
      So long as the awful present parking situation is addressed I am in favour of expansion to WLC. At the moment the smell on Friday nights and Saturday mornings from the long lines of stationery cars is disgusting and annoying to those of us doing our daily walk/run. Better traffic management and syncing of the lights to Willoughby Rd would get me well and truly on the WLC expansion band wagon!
  • Willoughby Admin almost 7 years ago
    Thanks for all of your responses! Further information on our assets can be found in the 'Library' section of this website.
  • Darius almost 7 years ago
    Hi everyoneThanks for your comments. It is great to hear which community assets you use and value. Also, thanks to those of you who have made suggestions about how you think these assets can be improved.Some of you have requested more specific information, and we agree that this is an important part of the consultation process. Please keep an eye out for specific asset ‘Fact Sheets’ which we will be posting on this site in the near future. Thanks for having your say and we look forward to your additional feedback once you have seen the fact sheets.
  • charlie almost 7 years ago
    1. Parking. Like other writers, I would like to see more parking for longer periods. If Chatswood Chase goes to only two hours free we will shop elsewhere, such as Top Ryde or Lane Cove. Less restricted night time parking on streets would be welcome too.2. Community facilities such as meeting rooms, small halls, venues for groups to meet could be better advertised/listed.3. We use Campbell Park frequently but find that the playground equipment there is not really suitable for 3 year olds and under 5 years generally. There are more little kids in our area now and I know that our grandchildren would benefit from equipment more suited to their ages. Is it possible to add a few more things to the park that little ones can use? e.g. like Stringy Bark Park in Lane Cove.
  • Stuart713 almost 7 years ago
    I really appreciate taking my grandchildren to the Artarmon Reserve and sports area, the Artarmon and Chatswood libraries, and cycle paths in the area.
  • Lil almost 7 years ago
  • Lil almost 7 years ago
    One of the main attractions of this area when we chose to buy here was the bushland. While I also love the old established gardens (many "European" style with Camellias, Jacarandas, Agapanthus etc) and feel they belong to the local streetscape, would it be possible for all new plantings in parklands and streets to use native plants? We are fortunate to have a huge diversity of plants, many with pretty habits and flowers (not just the cliched scruffy bush look) and they are suited to our soils and microclimates.
  • firthc almost 7 years ago
    Thompson oval is in desparate need of some TLC, or perhaps some artificial turf. This oval is the primary and only space Artarmon Public kids can use to run around due to over crowding in public schools. It is also heavily used for summer and winter sports and is a dust bowl year round. The main pedestrian crossing at the traffic lights at Hampden Road is very dangerous with numerous cars running reds and almost killing pedestrians. Can a red light camera be installed to encourage motorists to stop on red!
  • Rob almost 7 years ago
    Whilst not a true council asset it is a community asset: Why is the shopping strip in Artarmon, a big part of heritage suburb and adjoining a conservation area, such in a state of dreary disrepair? When I see shopping precincts like High Street Willoughby, Castlecrag shops and a new lovely concourse I feel Artarmon has so much more to offer.
  • Darius almost 7 years ago
    Hi everyoneIt's great to hear all of your comments. To those of you who have asked specific questions regarding our assets, we will be providing responses for your information early next week. Thanks again for your contributions and please check back to see how the discussion is progressing!
  • Darius almost 7 years ago
    Thanks again for all of your comments. This is the first stage of a 12 month consultation and it is very useful to hear your thoughts about which assets matter most to you. We have received feedback on a wide variety of topics covered including parks and playgrounds, buildings, parking and roads, bushland, skate parks, libraries, the Willoughby Leisure Centre, plants and several other topics. During the course of the consultation we aim to be able to provide you with more information on our assets. For those of you who requested further information on playgrounds in Willoughby there is information available at There is also a Playground FAQ site which may help answer some of your questions Parking is a topic that has been raised several times in this forum. We understand the demand for car parking spaces across the city is growing which is placing more pressure on the available spaces. Council is currently looking at ways to improve availability for local residents and visitors to Willoughby, whether they are visiting to attend work, shop, or see family and friends. A draft policy on car parking across the city will be considered by Council during early 2013.All feedback received through this forum will help guide the rest of the asset consultation process, and we look forward to continuing a more detailed and in depth discussion as we head into 2013.
  • Lynn almost 7 years ago
    I use the Leisure Centre regularly and look forward to the new improved version - I hope in my lifetime!. However the centre is rather rundown at present with facilities in poor shape - missing shower doors, deafening noise in the cafe area from the close by bike classes, etc.Parking is also a problem - commuters are clogging our streets - and I support the idea of resident stickers for free parking near shopping centres. The removal of 3 hour parking at Westfield was a definite retrograde step which has increased the congestion at Chatswood Chase - obviously 2 hours is insufficient for shoppers or they would not have migrated en masse to the Chase!I often pass the old Incinerator gallery but not when it it open and although there is an 'exhibition on' sign, there is no indication of what that exhibition is. I think we need a big notice advising the current display - I would go back if I thought there was something I wanted to see, but when I don't know I forget about it.Yes - we need more open space, street plantings, etc. too. I'd like to see cables put underground so that our lovely street trees are not butchered every year or so.Lynn
  • spinneretti almost 7 years ago
    I love living in Willoughby Council and lots of good stuff has been done recently.We now have young school aged children and there is NO parks suitable for the 6-10yr age range.
  • Grilled Bear almost 7 years ago
    If the West Chatswood Library is classed as an asset then something needs to be done about it's Non Fiction book supply . It is the only library where I can browse the shelves and go home empty handed . Far better to go furthur to Lane cove library where I am sure to find something or even if the worst comes to worst I can go to Chatswood.There is empty space on the shelves in the non fiction section.Why does Chatswood have book sales when the branch library needs non fiction books?I have stayed there for an hour and very few people come in . No wonder .
    • Yenda almost 7 years ago
      I can't comment on the non-fiction shelves, but appreciate the small toy selection alongside the children's books. I think that is a great idea. My grandson plays with the toys, and wanders over to the books and brings some to me. I think the placement of the library next to the aged care facility is a great idea. The librarian there is very friendly and welcoming.
      • Grilled Bear almost 7 years ago
        The West Chatswood library just isn't a viable business . Not enough books and not enough customers . Yes the staff are friendly but that's irrelevant . The coffee shop adjoining went bust for lack of customers too.I don't think the council has tried to popularise the library . Wouldn't surprise me if a lot of locals were unaware of it's existence.
        • Yenda almost 7 years ago
          I hope the Council takes up your points. I think the library might become more viable given the numbers of apartments being built along Mowbray Road (another separate problem with traffic already a problem and worse to come, clearly).Re the cafe: I wonder if the problem was lack of customers or some other issue such as rent or the type of product? Again, increasing population in the area might help.
  • Derek almost 7 years ago
    I wish the decimation of trees for power line access would stop. These creative chain-sawing activities are almost worthy of an art project. Just chop the poor things off and be done with it!
    • Grilled Bear almost 7 years ago
      You may have noticed that when this tree butchering started and there were objections that the butchers kept coming back and taking a bigger bite each time . We were not supposed to notice . They were not just taking the new growth As a long term resident I can say we did not get power outages from falling branches in pre-butchering times. It's all about someone making money. Millions. Guess who pays.
  • Darius almost 7 years ago
    Happy New Year to all of our Have Your Say Willoughby contributers and visitors. Thank you for continuing the discussion on Willoughby's assets, it is great to see community members sharing ideas and views on these issues. This online forum will remain open for the duration of our broader Asset Consultation and we will use it to update you with future events and activities that will accompany the consultation. Thanks again for your feedback and looking forward to hearing more comments!
  • parkie almost 7 years ago
    I am a frequent user of the tennis courts on Eastern Valley Way. Some great work has been done to enhance the precinct, however the condition of many of the courts is a disgrace. Stitched up service lines are uneven underfoot and likely to cause injury, there are bumps and lumps that do the same. Many tennis courts have been lost throughout the council area - Tyneside, Naremburn etc. Encouraging our community to be active and healthy requires infrastructure to be kept safe for them to use.
  • Soft Belly over 6 years ago
    Bike paths are great, that way my kids have a place to ride.The Crag edinburgh rd marked bike path is full of joggers however, going the wrong way. They dont seem to realise that a rider going around them, risks being hit by a car as they swing out. It is a bike only route and so should be better marked to stop this happening. Pedestrians already have a footpath.The bush tracks are excellent. The northbridge to crag marina waterfront walk needs better signage however.A skate park in willoughby would be well used. Look at the Umina one as a great example.
  • Tony_D over 6 years ago
    My wife and I take the kids down to Willoughby Park very frequently. We do laps on the scooters / bikes and really appreciate the space. The playground down there is great too. We also use the grounds around the Leisure Centre frequently and the kids are particularly fond of the little bike path down there that has mocked up traffic scenario. The kids have also been through programs at the community centres (i.e., toddler dance classes & gym) - having places to run these courses and support for them is a great asset.We really care about the bushland around the area, particularly Harold Reid Reserve which should be protected vigorously.I agree with previous commenters that a 50 metre pool at the Leisure Centre would be great but as far as fitness equipment goes, a quick win would be a couple of those outdoor exercise stations around the traps. I realise that it's possible that we might actually have these, but I haven't found one yet.I use the bike paths frequently - particularly alongside Gore Hill - as I commute to the city.Thanks.
  • Unit Owner about 6 years ago
    I have noticed the recent addition of hideous advertising hoardings on the once pristine glass fencing on the dud that is The Concourse. It now resembles a shop on Parramatta rd and not a modern art space it should be. Can the council come clean about the financial ruin that this thing has become. Please remove those ghastly invasive advertising prints and leave the building to be the svelte minimalistic structure it is. Although I think it is a very unmemorable building as compared to other civic buildings from around the world in the last decade. You has an opportunity to do something special and now it looks cheap tacky and wasteful. If I put such gharish posters up I would be fined and asked to move them. Council do the same, and stop visually assaulting me, my family and my visitors.
  • dt99 almost 6 years ago
    Removed by moderator.
  • dt99 almost 6 years ago
    I have just received your extremely disingenuous letter regarding the rate rise you are about to foster upon us. Option 1 is we lose services. Option 2, a near 10% increase in rates to pay for services that you should be managing as part of your budget. How about option 3? Namely: Cutting the number of heads that sit in your offices. Moving to a cheaper building outside the centre of Chatswood. Managing what you do in a more efficient way.How in God’s name do you give everyone a 4% wage increase every year for the next ten years? Holden had that in place and now they’re gone. And have you looked at your proposed building costs? They are completely off the planet. 150K for a tennis court? What are we playing on; gold leaf as the surface?What was the Concourse – $100m over budget? And who funds this largesse? The residents. What you propose is not a choice but the lesser of two evils. Your job is simple: manage a budget and provide services – if you can't do that, why are you there?
  • vignesh almost 6 years ago
    We should seriously be considering closing the libraries as I am sure they are costing money to maintain. With iPads and other devices becoming very popular, it does not make sense to be investing in real-estate, maintenance, and paper books. The money could be well spent on other things like playgrounds for children.