When will the surveys be undertaken?

    Initially, the survey will run to end June 2019 .

    Who is being asked to participate?

    Any staff who have had an interaction with Community Engagement Specialist are encouraged to participate.

    Is it mandatory to participate in the survey?

    Participation is optional.

    Is the survey anonymous?

    Yes, participation can be anonymous.  However, you can provide your name if you seek follow up on your feedback. Even the site administrators of have Your Say, including the Community Engagement Specialist, cannot identify users in the system.

    Why should I participate?

    To assist the Media, Marketing and Communications team improve its levels of service efforts in Community Engagement services provided to the organisation and to acknowledge excellent levels of customer service.

    Who has access to the survey data gathered?

    The Media, Marketing & Events Manager. 

    Is there an expectation to be achieved?

    The set service level goal is >70% are happy or very happy with the service. The feedback results will be used to assist the Media, Marketing & Events Manager refine and improve its service to the organisation.

    Is this a performance management tool?

    This is an organisational performance management tool to identify improvement areas of the organisation.  The survey tool is not for personal performance management.

    What will happen with the survey feedback results?

    Results will be published in the Have Your Say report and presented for discussion with Media, Marketing & Events staff.

    Can I find out what happened with feedback I provided?

    Yes.  Results will be published in a have Your Say report.  Should you wish for specific feedback, you need to provide your full name so we can contact you.