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Open Forum

by Willoughby Admin, over 7 years ago

The 'Open Forum' has become a very popular area for our Online Community Panel Members as well as the local community to have their say on a wide range of local issues.

PleaseĀ feel free to talk about any local issues in this forum. Ask a question or suggest a topic for discussion. All of your comments will be passed on to the relevant Council staff member for consideration.

This consultation has concluded.

  • Darius over 7 years ago
    Hi Everyone!You may remember that in December we asked for your feedback about what you would like to see on a new Chatswood website, and also what you would tell people who are looking to visit Chatswood. Well, last week the 'It all starts at Chatswood' tourism campaign was launched. You can see from the website that many of your ideas were taken on board in the design and content of the site. Thanks!!You can look at the site at There is also a Chatswood facebook page where you can look at Chatswood's first ever TV commercial!Thanks for your feedback!
  • Darius over 7 years ago
    The Open Forum is an area where you can make comments or ask questions about any local or regional issues that are important to you. If you have a question we will pass it on to relevant staff to provide you with further information. If you feel you would just like to have your say about a local issue that affects you then this may be the palce to do it! We look forward to hearing your feedback!
  • Puppylove over 7 years ago
    Hi, I would like to talk about vegetation that encroaches from over your neighbour's boundaries.I feel that I should not have to use my time and money to prune vegetation that belongs to my neighbour and is encroaching on my property. Surely, they should be required by law to maintain the vegetation on their property and not have it encroach their neighbour's property. I myself have this issue and the neighbour in question refuses to cut her trees/vines so they stay on her side (she maintains a gardener to do her gardening in her property but will not cut the portion that grows from her side over to my side) and hence I am forced to cut them at the boundary fence every month. I know many people in similar situations where they cannot remove the unwanted vegetation due to age/medical issues or monetary/time issues. The neighbours refuse to cut the offending the trees/vegetation and let it invade the other neighbour's property.I would like to see a law passed that requires people to maintain the trees/shrubs/vines to the confines of their own premises. I know the Council has recommendations about distances of planting from the boundaries but they do not enforce them and I believe you can only cut the vegetation at the boundary, neatly bundle it up and leave it with your neighbour or dispose of it - either way you are require to do work you don't want to do. It seems unfair to force your neighbours to gardening chores because you like trees that drop their leaves or are large and overshadow the backyards. The choice of vegetation may suit you but may not suit the neighbours. I have a particular issue with people who plant vines along a fence. You force your neighbour to have that vine as well since it grows through and over the fence and can end up destroying the fence.If you walk down the streets you can see many issues of large branches overhanging other people's property. Should the branch break and cause injury is it the responsibility of the person who owns the tree or is it the little old ladies' fault for not having the money to cut the large branch down from a tree in her neighbour's yard?
    • Darius over 7 years ago
      Hi PuppyloveThanks for your comment. We have spoken to relevant Council staff and it sounds like this is a civil issue. This is covered by the Trees (Disputes between Neighbours) Act 2010 and is enforced by the Land And Environment Court. you would like to talk to someone at Council about the specifics of the case please call 9777 1000 and ask to speak to one of our Open Space team. How does everyone else feel about this issue?
      • Puppylove over 7 years ago
        Hi, Thanks for the information but what about the properties that have hedges or vegetation that cover half the footpaths and you are forced closer to the road or on the nature strip rather than using the footpath. There are a few classic ones in Naremburn such as on the corner of Market St, Northcote St or on Brook St. Shouldn't there be something in place to let land owners know not to let this happen?
        • Willoughby Admin over 7 years ago
          Hi Puppylove, Chris and YendaIt seems this issue is a common one. I have passed on the additional comments to our open space team for consideration. If there are any indiviual addresses where the path or nature strip is being covered by over hanging branches please let us know and we will lodge a customer service request. Thanks for letting us know your concerns.Darius
    • Chris over 7 years ago
      Same issue exists all too frequently with Leighton Green hedges which grow so high thehy block sunlight from neighbours backyards. I have this issue with one neighbour who has let the hedge that surrounds the property grow far too high and even higher on our boundary, which is our north. As a consequence, at this time of year we get no sunlight at all on our small backyard. The owners have refused to reduce its height. There does not seem to be any regulations that limit this and /or any guidelines or monitoring of it.
      • Yenda over 7 years ago
        Issues such as overshadowing by buildings or trees are going to be more and more of a problem as people install solar panels as well. I once read a gardening book on planning a garden, and the advice was to remember your neighbours when planting so that their sunlight was not blocked - excellent advice, but of course it depends a lot on the goodwill and thoughtfulness of the person doing the planting.My own concern is that when blocks are small and houses are near boundaries, neighbours may plant trees which not only block sunlight but also have roots that threaten foundations and leaves that block gutters. Trees are a wonderful asset, but it is so important to plant the right species and to consider the neighbours.
  • Will over 7 years ago
    Have been through Artarmon Depot doing a bit of work and I have come across a high rate of pollution, water usage for work needs, and there is a bad pollution odour throughout a few business in Carlotta St particularly. Some of these business aren't recycling and throwing everything into the one general waste bin with a high amount of paper and recycable bottles being thrown into general waste and it is quite concerning. There is a high amount of chemical usage in the form of detergents within several parts alsoIs there an environmental policy in place that these business must abide too for better environmental management? Several business stated that only one truck comes past to pick up general waste - this maybe a part of the problem - if so can we please get other trucks for other forms of waste - paper, and recycable bottles to ensure greater environmental management?
  • Darius over 7 years ago
    Thanks everyone for your feedback this month. Please take a look at our June forum to continue the conversation. June we are consulting on the Willoughby Leisure Centre Masterplan, Garbage and Recycling Services and also Pedestrian Safety. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!