What is the cost of installation?

    The installation, maintenance and electrical supply for each bollard is covered by JCDecaux over the life of the contract. There is no cost to Council. In exchange, Council receives revenue per bollard from JCDecaux in exchange for their installation on Council land.

    Do any other local council's have advertising bollards?

    JCDecaux have installed advertising bollards in the City of Sydney, Burwood, Leichhardt, Randwick, North Sydney, as well as Monash in Victoria and Brisbane City Council plus many others.

    Will they be removed if they are unused or become a problem?

    Advertising bollards will never be unused; they will always feature posters over the life of the contract. If a specific issue arises that requires the relocation of an advertising bollard for traffic or safety reasons, a full traffic safety audit would be conducted by a traffic engineer for the new location and the bollard would be relocated by JCDecaux. 

    What is the process and response time for graffiti removal?

    Under the proposed contract with JCDecaux, each advertising bollards would be cleaned a minimum of twice per week on non-consecutive days and includes the removal of graffiti. The cost of this cleaning is at no cost to Council. 

    Do they obscure traffic lights?

    No. Each proposed location has been assessed by an independent traffic engineer to ensure no signage is blocked by the proposed installation.

    Is there room for pedestrians to pass unimpeded?

    Yes. The proposed advertising bollards adhere to the Australian standards for access and mobility and allow free-flowing pedestrian activity to continue unimpeded.