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What do you think about the Haven Amphitheatre Management Committee's concept plans for a new stage?

by Willoughby Admin, almost 6 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • haven almost 6 years ago
    I wish to thank you all for the passion expressed on this site and in your letters to us and to Council. Please keep this up. Why would you not upgrade the facility for future generations given we now have the opportunity? I feel many will be dismayed when the cost of a temporary fix is understood. We have no funds offered or committed, grants or otherwise to assist a repair. There have been expressions of interest to assist a replacement of the stage and under-croft facility. We`all agree this is a very special place, especially because of what we do there. A platform in the bush is just a platform. You have all by assisting productions and attending events created and maintained this living community heritage site.From all of us on The Haven Committee Thank you. Richard Newton President
  • thecrews5 almost 6 years ago
    The Haven Amphitheatre is a special space. I have been involved with it for over 30 years - you name it I've done it: acting, selling tea and coffee, weeding, attending performances, cleaning, advertising, leafletting, the list goes on .... It is a space subservient and yet working with the bush surrounding it. The stage does not need to be demolished - the official report is clear. There is a choice and that choice is clear to me - refurbish not demolish.
  • BillG almost 6 years ago
    I love the Haven and have been to great shows there when back in Sydney. Please build it to last for our next generations to enjoy. It must be built to reflect to suroundings I believe concrete will achieve that
  • savant almost 6 years ago
    The world needs more Anthony’s. Call it for what it is. There are many remarking on or only understand the emotional argument. The fairy dancing across the stage is the emotional. The stage is the practical device so she can dance. The correct materials are not expensive if designed / selected to last for 50, 70 plus years. The surface may be augmented as in the theatre of years past with a canvas or soft surface painted to suit the production.The community does not need to readdress this in 5 to 10 years because of an expensive patch up.Let get the fairy dancing across our new stage. A stage designed to be practical. A stage designed to last. One built for the next generation of Patrons. We owe it to Marion.Let the fairy dance.
  • AnthonyRBrown almost 6 years ago
    I am a long term resident of Castlecrag and have often volunteered to help out at the Amphitheatre and enjoyed many events there with my family. We love the place. I was horrified to see that the extremists from the Walter Burley Griffin Society have stuck their noses in to attempt to disrupt another important initiative. The Haven area is very damp, has limited sunlight access and requires a solid long-lasting structure like concrete. It will still be a beautiful place. As a very passionate resident of Castlecrag and it's natural beauty, I can assure the council that the WBGS does not in any way represent the thoughts or interests of the community. I strongly encourage the Council to listen to the people such as Richard Newton and Jack Metcalfe, who have worked for many years on organising and hosting events at the Haven and have a far better feel for what residents want and understand the difficulty in maintaining this stage structure, than the disruptive WBGS. Please listen to the community on this one. Anthony
  • THayward almost 6 years ago
    Marion Mahony writes the following in - The Magic of America Section III The Municipal Battle (page 39)"Such things as The Haven Scenic Theatre of which you have heard, whose plays on the natural rocks admidst the trees and flowers of the Cranny Cove have been given each of the four seasons of the past years, seem not to have been possible except in such an atmosphere of conscious plan. Yet all the wonderful facilities have existed from the beginning all over Sydney and have been allowed to go to destruction beyond recall one by one without a sign or a protest:"This observation about the uniqueness of The Haven Valley Theatre as it was called then, seems to me to indicate that it is 'nature' which the theatre preserved and it was this that created "an outdoor theatre" in "an enchanted valley". In a letter written from MMG to WBG , 21 April 1936 she writes: "A clear still night Sunday and a good audience sitting on their stone and backless seats in breathless stillness gripped in the magic of that matchless valley - your gift."And this is what is worth preserving the experience of being in an audience outdoors at The Haven Amphitheatre. The experience of the night sky, the stars, the up lit tree ferns and eucalypts, the performance to be part of, the valley's natural acoustics and the experience of immersion into landscape. The stage that the performance happens on is a surface on which to experience creativity. It needs to be constructed to hardly be there - functional but unobtrusive. Let's not destroy the wonderful facility of nature.
  • AnthonyRBrown almost 6 years ago
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  • Lucie almost 6 years ago
    The Haven Amphitheatre is a beautiful place. Although I do not live in Castle Crag, I have been to many performances thre and am impressed by the sense of community present at these Carols, concerts and cabarets. Surely that's the point - that this beautiful place is the setting for such wonderful performances, such human celebration. So when I see comments from people and groups like the Walter Burley Griffin Society (who are they by the way? self-appointed?) that focus solely on the physical Haven Amphitheatre it seems that whoever wrote those comments has never participated in, tasted nor even witnessed the beauty in the human activity that takes place there. I can understand then that being blind to that, the only thing left is the body of the place. There is no access to its human spirit. If we allow such Lilliputian myopia to block the opportunity to renew such a unique theatre and in a permanent way, then we rob the past, the present and the future of the historic, social and cultural heritage it has so proudly supported these last 8 decades. We would all be diminished by that.
  • Ruth almost 6 years ago
    Although I am not on the Haven committee, I am one of the many local residents who regularly volunteer at the Haven: for working bees, to man the box office before performances, help with dressing young angels and shepherds for Christmas Carols, serve refreshments etc etc.It is very clear that the whole community values the amphitheatre and wishes to retain the stage and continue enjoying outdoor performances in lovely bushland. The differences of opinion only concern how this may be carried out.I appreciate the effort invested by members of the Haven committee in preparing their plans; however as the amphitheatre is a community asset their plans may have benefited from community input at a much earlier stage.The engineer's report clearly shows that repairs are possible. Repair of the current structure will cost far less in time, funds and disruption than construction of a completely new stage.I oppose the use of concrete. My reason is that concrete does degenerate (with concrete cancer) and repairs to concrete are very costly and disruptive. Repairs to steel and wood are far more affordable with less impact on the environment. In addition, I note the comments of the rigger who pointed out how unsuitable concrete is for a stage. Regarding extra constructions for a permanent box office, etc: we have done without these for decades, and I fail to see an urgent need for them now.Simplicity is a virtue and simple repairs and a simple stage are what allows the setting, the stone, the trees and the stars to create such magical events.
  • Gloreen almost 6 years ago
    I live in the same street that Howard Rubie lived, a man who devoted his entire life to entertaining the residents of Castlecrag, surely TWBGS would realise this and make an effort to work with the counsillors and residents to save this wonderful Crag Icon!Hopefully common sense will prevail!
  • Bobf almost 6 years ago
    Access to The Haven Amphitheatre is restricted and the venue is restricted to a maximum of six performances a year. Accordingly, any project to repair or enhance the venue needs to be appropriate in scale and cost to level of use it will receive. It must also be sensitive to the Griffin bushland reserve in which the amphitheatre is located.The present proposal is heavily over-engineered and does not meet these basic criteria; while a massive concrete structure is not appropriate to the environmental;y sensitive location. Repairs to the existing timber structure or a light steel-framed structure supporting a modest stage are the obvious options.
    • savant almost 6 years ago
      I believe there are many more than six performances a year some productions I have attended exceeded six sessions. This space is used by many others every day.
    • angelneshama almost 6 years ago
      The Haven Amphitheatre Management Committee have maintained the existing Amphitheatre for the last 40 years! The design does not seem over engineered. The Griffins would have loved to use concrete and it was their favorite building material apart from rock. They expressly argued against using timber for structure and argued vehemently for function over form. The Haven needs a maintenance free theatre to continue Mahoneys community building legacy. This response begs the question why resist the continuance of Mahoney's legacy?
      • Walter Burley Griffin Society almost 6 years ago
        The Griffins’ over-riding objective at Castlecrag was that the built environment be subordinate to the natural environment. So while the Griffins liked concrete, they used it in restrained ways that were sensitive to the context, and not as a large structure in the Haven or any other bushland reserve.Using concrete would substantially destroy the bushland setting which is an important part of Marion Mahony Griffin’s legacy. The current timber stage needs strengthening to meet current regulations, while the concrete MLC Centre, only 35 years old, is currently undergoing multi-million dollar work to remediate its concrete cancer problem.Not even concrete is maintenance free and when it fails, the maintenance cost is very large.
        • jack almost 6 years ago
          These are oft quoted ideas from the WBGS but in the case of the Haven Amphitheatre site they are simply not supported by history. The Griffins' theater behaviour was far from restrained. In the early 1930s, they almost completely remodeled the gully in which the stage now sits. Photographs show that by then they had fashioned a large stone wall along the gully's northern edge and all but completely covered the western side with stone seats for theater patrons. They widely advertised their productions, invited visitors from all parts of the world, built large and dramatic theater sets and availed themselves of the latest in the open air theater technology of the times such as battery lighting, magnesium flares and car headlights. In her Deed of Gift of 1943, where she gave the site to the community, Mahony explicitly approves the use of concrete in constructions at the Haven site. We can feel confident that the Mahony legacy is very well served by continuing to use the Haven site as a vibrant, thriving, outdoor community celebration space as we have done for the last eight and continuously for these past four decades. We are seeking a new, maintenance free theater stage for the Haven.
    • suzieq almost 6 years ago
      Actually no! the amphitheater is used continually by locals during the week. As well, there are many plans to expand it's usage... for festivals such as a series of cabarets, concerts, Shakespearean nights, events involving local schools etc It is important that there is a "green room" and facilities for storage of props etc.six performances per year is not enshrined in law. The restriction is seasonal. In winter it can be very bleak so obviously evening performances are limited, but in the warmer months, under the canopy of stars, the trees festooned with fairy lights, the kookaburras joining in... it is truly a wonderful to be there. All the neighbours support the theatre, through attending performances, and allowing a free flow of traffic on those nights.
  • Paula L almost 6 years ago
    I am a resident of Roseville and, over the years, have attended many shows at the Haven Amphitheatre. They are truly special and I believe are produced by a group of dedicated locals who have been doing so for many decades. I have, however, been interested that the Walter Burley Griffin Society seems to want the Haven to be some sort of low key affair. I have looked at the WBGS website and cannot find out just who they are. There are no names of committee members or members so their credentials are far from clear. Neither is it clear whom they speak - certainly not, I believe, for local residents and the community at large who want to continue enjoying the vibrant and active theatre that the Haven has been for years. My view is that if the Haven Amphitheatre needs a new stage than we, the community, should make sure it gets one and a long life one at that. This is far too important a cultural icon to be buried under the esoteric aims of some faceless group. Finally, I cannot believe that the dedicated committee that has been running the Haven for years would ever propose anything that would in any way detract from its unique and wonderful environment, which they all hold very dear.
  • ontoprigger almost 6 years ago
    Not sure if it has been pointed out yet but concrete is not a suitable performance surface as is is too hard, stages need to have give in them and in the most cases are sprung so as not to injure performers. I work in the entertainment industry and have been involved in the construction of both temporary and permanent stages around the world and other than in the foundations none have included concrete. There are many companies who specialise in the design and construction of stages have any of them been contacted with regards to the project or has it been one of these over paid consultants who has been to a theatre once and walked across a stage who came up with the idea?It should be possible to have a demountable structure that would allow better use of the space for a very reasonable cost as long as the usual ammount of red tape and over the top council interference didn't add to it allowing for money to be spent on other elements of the proposal.
  • thecrews5 almost 6 years ago
    Hi neighbours and friends of The Haven,It is of utmost importance to this and the wider community that The Haven Amphitheatre be retained as a performance and social meeting place.As a life member for services rendered I have a great affinity for the space and its environs.My reading of the engineer's and hydrology reports indicate to me that repair is a viable option and one that needs to be considered and costed. As I age I look at 40 years old and think 'you youngster'. The longer we can preserve the existing structure the more valuable the initial effort to build it becomes. I believe the current proposal grew out of the idea to create a more sensitive stage shape on the current framework. This idea I support, but on environmental grounds feel very uncomfortable with the proposed concrete structure, taking into account the materials and bulk in such a sensitive setting.Again I urge council to reopen the Haven as soon as possible. I am already working on Santa's gags for the carols in December. Mark Crew
  • Walter Burley Griffin Society almost 6 years ago
    The Walter Burley Griffin Society appreciates all the work of the Haven Amphitheatre Committee in staging productions for the community’s benefit, and the need for the stage to be made operational again as soon as possible. There is no other venue like it anywhere else and that needs to be preserved by a sympathetic approach. The concrete proposal put forward by the Haven Amphitheatre Committee is not supported by the Society for the following reasons:1. Excessive excavation of the significant natural gully terrain for the creation of a 'green room' and storage under the stage.2. The destruction of heritage features of the site such as large sandstone boulders that were iconic 'stage' elements within the 1930's use of the amphitheatre.3. The covering of the natural creek line through the construction of a culvert and additional seating. The creek is a significant heritage feature of the site that should be celebrated and made visible, not covered.4. The impact of the enlarged stage and additional excavation on a very significant Angophora costata (Sydney Red Gum). The proposed stage protrudes into the root zone of this historic tree.5. The visual impact of the enlarged stage and rain awning. These structures would dominate the very small bushland reserve / glen. The thin linear bushland around this site is what gives the amphitheatre its special heritage value.6. The large building apron necessary for concrete construction and associated concrete formwork and lay-area for sheets of steel reinforcing would also detrimentally impact the trees, bush and rocks of the steeply sloping glen.
    • savant almost 6 years ago
    • suzieq almost 6 years ago
      While the idea of replacing the stage and under-croft in wood seems attractive there are many reasons that it is not feasible.firstly: erecting a wooden structure in a bush-fire zone is beyond foolish.secondly: if the wood is treated with chemicals so it will not burn easily, then those chemicals will leach out and poison the creekthirdly: wood needs upkeep which is both expensive and requires huge effort on the part of the council and volunteers.I filmed the efforts of the last stage rebuilding in the early 90's and two things come to mind: it was extremely hard work, all done by Howard Rubie and his band of willing volunteers.secondly, these same volunteers are now offering the community a way to protect the theatre for future generations. They are trying to conserve this historic and wonderful gift to the community. Surely their judgement should be considered over petty concerns about proprietorial narrow far as the idea of concrete is concerned;The Griffins actually spoke lovingly of concrete and used it in many forms because of its malleable nature.In response to points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6... all seem to be misleading if you have read the Haven concept proposal or visited the Haven web site.1. The green room and store room already exist2. No large sandstone boulders would be touched in the proposed scheme. the Griffin Society promoted this mistake in a letter that has been answered on the Haven Amphitheater web site3. Examination of the concept proposal shows that no extension to the current creek covering by a stage is contemplated- culvert or otherwise. And, as far as the extra seats are concerned, they solve a safety issue and are meters above the creek.4. The proposed new stage is only marginally larger than the existing stage and needs about one third of the existing columns to support it and with concrete, these columns can be set even further away from the tree. 5. The awning is only for use in rain, and will be stored out of sight the rest of the time. All the neighbours who are the only ones who can see the stage support the Haven proposal.6. Scaffolding, form-work etc are only in place while the building is in the construction stage. How come the WBGS doesn't know this? ...And a final point: the Haven was "Marion's gift" as an ongoing vibrant theatre to the community.
  • Jesse almost 6 years ago
    As per the engineering analysis and report, the structure does need to comply with Australian standards. HOWEVER - as this performance space remains an iconic and much treasured piece of Castlecrag's history and charm, as little as possible should be altered. The ticket box and extra seating should be avoided as unnecessary, and the requirement for electricity in the ticket box may cause future complications. The folding membrane is a good idea however, due to certain high-profile acts that may otherwise be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.The concrete stage should be avoided (if possible) due to the extra structural support requirements, which need further space and materials.The culvert to the creek and the new bridge may be a positive development if minimal environmental and aesthetic impact results.If the structure can be reinforced to comply with Australian standards, and any repairs to necessary areas can be affected with bare minimum of change to the historic site we can safely and indefinitely preserve a piece of Australian history for current and future generations to enjoy.
  • Walter Burley Griffin Society almost 6 years ago
    The bushland glen at the Haven Amphitheatre is what makes it so special. The proposal to build a concrete stage and a concrete subfloor for changing rooms (with the necessary associated building apron for formwork and steel reinforcing sheets), along with putting the creek into a culvert and building a rain awning on large concrete buttresses, would be far too detrimental to this beautiful little valley.At Castlecrag, Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin strove to retain the natural beauty of the peninsula, its bushland, rock outcrops and foreshore, as well as creating a vibrant community. This heritage needs to be preserved by a sensitive and sustainable approach at the Haven, and this necessitates ruling out a concrete structure.This beautiful and unique outdoor theatre just needs its stage strengthened with timber or steel as in the engineer’s report.
    • savant almost 6 years ago
      The council have not provided their plan for their theatre. The previous concept as shown looks as if it will fit the "Glen" better than what is there now. A temporary cover should not require buttresses. I have been to concerts where it was ok at show time but all the gear got wet earlier and had to be put away. They need some temporary protection. Can't the street drains and storm water be treated as it is now and just go under the stage? Will it all look much different to the compact cement sheet stage now, Just a better shape? Can't wait for the architect to show us the actual design? Probably sit lighter in the space with a better shape what ever the materials. Guess it better be fire proof. Went down to have a look and don't see any trees in danger? Lets look to the long term, this is for the next generation as well. The History is Marion and will not change. The Heritage is their 40 years of performance and must continue.
      • Walter Burley Griffin Society almost 6 years ago
        A sustainable approach that “looks to the long term” is essential to preserve the Griffins’ legacy at the Haven. Thus building materials that can be carried in and, when they eventually deteriorate, can be carried out are the ideal. Timber and steel are such materials.Concrete however needs formwork, sheets of steel reinforcing, areas to store these during construction and equipment for pumping the concrete. Concrete does not last forever either. The prefabricated concrete in the MLC Centre in the CBD is undergoing multi-million dollar restoration because of concrete cancer, even though the concrete was fabricated only 35 years ago under ideal conditions on a factory floor. The small steep glen of the Haven is far from ideal conditions for building a concrete structure.We need to think of the next generation but also the following generations, and the glen’s bushland setting is part of what needs to be passed on to future generations. Deteriorating concrete would be the worst material to remove – just take a look at all the concrete rubble and twisted steel reinforcing from the Convention Hall at Darling Harbour. After being jack-hammered down, excavators are loading it onto trucks to be taken to landfill. The beautiful glen at the Haven could not survive such treatment.
  • simonward001 almost 6 years ago
    I understand that the Haven Amphitheatre stage has been designated 'non compliant' and been closed. I write to urge the council to assist the very dedicated and hardworking Haven Amphitheatre committee to rectify this so that the venue can re open and remain an artistic, cultural and community focused venue of value to all residents and visitors.I am a professional actor and singer, currently a post graduate at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and I have performed many times at the Haven. Those occasions were vital for my development as a young artist.Quite simply there is no other venue like it in Sydney, let alone Australia. The heritage and historical value of the Haven alone should be enough to ensure that ongoing support is given to keep it open. The opportunities for local performers, both community based and professional, to perform in a unique, special and exciting environment is extraordinary. Such a venue would not be built by state or federal governments these days. The calibre of performers who have appeared over the years at the Haven is remarkable. Internationally recognised and award winning singers, pianists, writers, directors, conductors, actors and musicians are among the hundreds of community performers who believe that bringing art, in a unique setting, to people in their community is important. Surely a value which Willoughby Council supports. I strongly urge the council to continue its support of the Haven and to do everything in its power to preserve such a crucial and important community space.Yours Sincerely,Simon Ward.Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts (FRSA), CPsychol, MAPS, MEAA.
  • dhugon almost 6 years ago
    The Haven is a wonderful and unique place which adds hugely to the Willoughby area and is cherished by the residents. My wife and I have attended many delightful performances in a special environment. We just can't believe that any one who has been to the Haven would actually contest the need and fight against a hard working committee who have the vision to make the Haven better for current and future generations. Let's act together to support the committee and defeat the visionless pleasure spoilers.
  • TrueHaven almost 6 years ago
    I strongly urge Willoughby Council to provide immediately for a stage of similar floor area to the existing structure with upgraded, waterproof, secure storage facilities for equipment, props and dressing room beneath. As other contributors have said, the Haven needs a maintenance free theatre to continue Marion Mahoney Griffin's community building legacy, not a bandaid solution with ongoing associated costs & problems.To this end I strongly support the following dot points as outlined in the Proposal. A rough estimate for these components based on the figures in the Proposal seems to be about $200,000 (of which I understand WCC is currently holding a substantial portion in the form of personal donation):• a new concrete stage platform• a new undercroft green room, storage control and WC facility• new railings to the top level of the amphitheatre.To allow this oasis of creativity and social interaction to drift into folklore memory would be a grave mistake. The Haven Amphitheatre is definitely worth preserving. Although its value to the community may be intangible, it is priceless.
  • angelneshama almost 6 years ago
    I grew up in Castlecrag and have been lucky enough to enjoy the use of the Amphitheatre as a performer, collaborator, audience member and as a resident. I am living in Castlecrag with my children now and would love them to have the same enjoyments I had of the space. I have attended the Haven as part of 4 generations (With my children, my parents and my grandparents). I would love to see the concept plans for a new stage to be supported. I have attended the Haven as part of 4 generation. The Committee have worked so hard to maintain the treasure of the Haven. It is a shame that there is any hold up for the new stage and squabbles about design. The committee have no interest in doing anything that is not appropriate, respectful in design, safe and long wearing.
  • Jezza almost 6 years ago
    its the same old story nobody cares about the wonderful gift/ history that Walter and Marion gave the people of Willoughby .its not an asset it was gift and we should look after it Keep the Amphitheatre in its original form replace the Wood with treated pine fire rated and with steel beam reinforcements beneath the floor so there is no ugly modern structure on Walter Marion beautiful site. if it takes on the new standard the theatre could lose its magic
  • Fabia Claridge almost 6 years ago
    Fabia ClaridgeOf course the amphitheatre must remain. That is the bottom line, whatever plans are followed and adopted. As a long term resident, I can remember the days when it was overgrown with weeds . We cannot go back to that. It is a valuable and indeed unique asset for our community to use and enjoy. Some people have done a lot of work to ensure funding etc. I hope their contribution is appreciated. Why can't stone be used as an appropriate building material as a fire safe and aesthetic option? Hang the expense - use it for features and cladding.
  • SusanEA almost 6 years ago
    I am a former Chatswood resident and frequent visitor to the Haven Amphitheatre. I urge you to keep this unique community based performance space up and running. You will doubtless receive a slew of disparate ‘representations’ about The Haven. Here’s some free consulting advice from a professional strategic planner:Ask first: Q: “What is the sole or prevailing PURPOSE of this entity?” A: “The Haven’s longstanding purpose is as an outdoor public performance venue.” NOTE: It was never intended to be a Smithsonian-like diorama. WBG and the redoubtable Marion Mahoney would be appalled at such a socially regressive suggestion. Ask second: Q: “How can the entity’s PURPOSE be satisfied?”A: By doing whatever it takes in the 21st century to allow the PURPOSE of the Haven Amphitheatre to continue. NOTE: By way of example, the PURPOSE of the Sydney Cricket Ground is to allow supporters and spectators to continue to enjoy the game of cricket; the stands and the ground facilities have evolved to fulfil that purpose. Finally, it is smaller audiences - gathering in public performance spaces like the Haven Amphitheatre - that will encourage and sustain our emerging artists. That was always the Haven’s vision and PURPOSE. Council should ensure it remains so.
  • glj almost 6 years ago
    I fully support the replacement of the stage. The existing stage cannot remain because of the council's own standards regarding a timber construction in a bushfire zone. It is a fantastic and unique (that word gets overused, but in this case I think it is true) venue. Anyone who has attended any performance there would agree. To act now to build an aesthetically pleasing, functional and long lasting stage would make this facility available for many generations.
  • Alexandraleaving almost 6 years ago
    The Haven Amphitheatre comprises an iconic little theatre in a beautiful bushland setting in Castlecrag, that is loved and used by Sydneysiders in general, not just the Willoughby or Castlecrag community. It was Marion Mahony Griffins’ gift to the people, with I believe Willoughby Council as the trustee. It is an asset of Willoughby City Council, which presumably Council must maintain. The Haven Amphitheatre Committee with the assistance of Council designed and built the stage and under croft, over forty years ago and redesigned and rebuilt it just over twenty years ago. However the stage has now reached its use by date and no longer complies with the Codes applying to it. A community group is unable to rebuild/restore it these days so the committee with the pro bona help of professionals developed a concept plan with a view to raising funds for its restoration. It is a tragedy that all this effort by a dedicated group of individuals was all but truncated 15 months ago and the Haven Amphitheatre is now closed! I absolutely support the rebuilding/restoration of the Haven Amphitheatre and hope that it will reopen as soon as possible. It is loved and well used, certainly over six times a year – I don’t understand where that ‘fact’ in the ‘fact sheet’ came from. It is used for street parties, weddings, birthday parties, Christmas parties, picnics, talks, yoga and is generally a place where people picnic or just sit and think/meditate and children play. This is over and above the performances (some of which are held on a number of nights), carols, concerts and cabarets that are organised by the Haven Committee. It is a much loved and well used jewel of Willoughby Council. Of course it must be restored. It should be as well built and maintenance free as possible so as to be able to serve the community for many decades to come - please not just band aid temporary solutions.
  • pstokes almost 6 years ago
    I find myself confused by the responses I have read on this forum.The overwhelming sentiment seems to reflect the idea that the issue is whether or not the Haven will continue to exist as a Castlecrag institution. How can anyone of sound mind say NO to this issue? Of course the Haven should exist.However, the issue that the Council’s “factsheet” seems to be asking is not “if” but “how”:• Should the existing stage be reinforced so as to be compliant with Building Safety requirements; or• Should the stage be demolished and a new stage constructed from scratch, complete with toilets and disabled access.In addition, there seems at the moment to be no information regarding the relative costs of these two options. It would be a brave punter who put money on the idea that reconstruction was cheaper than repair.And, of course, the Haven must survive.
  • savant almost 6 years ago
    We fully support the replacement program. The shape as expressed seems to fit the valley better. When do we get to see the council's actual plans as I understand this is a council asset and responsibility.
  • sjohnstone almost 6 years ago
    Th Haven Amphitheatre is a unique site and I fully support the investment in ensuring it continues to be an important asset for the community for many generations to come.
  • jpp almost 6 years ago
    As Council has deemed the stage not to be up to standard, I ask that the funds be allocated to remedy the situation to rebuild/refurbish the stage so that it complies with Council's requirements. It should be of similar floor area and long-life materials best suited to the site and storm-water gully.The Haven is an integral part of Castlecrag’s history and heritage. It is a focal point for community gatherings and performances in a magical open air space and it would be a very significant loss to the Willoughby Community if it were to remain closed indefinitely.
  • Garry Duursma almost 6 years ago
    As a Castlecrag resident I view the amphitheatre and an important community asset. Over the years, our family has enjoyed carol nights and other community events at this unique venue. It is priceless. I’m concerned that the venue has now deteriorated to the point where it cannot be used. I’d like to thank the hard work of the few dedicated people that have managed to prepare a viable plan to return the amphitheatre to community service. I endorse the plan and would like to ask the council to avoid further interference and permit the execution of the refurbishment.
  • KarenHerts almost 6 years ago
    We live closeby and use the amphitheatre often. Our children 'perform' on the stage and take great delight in exploring and stretching their imagination. I fully support the development plans and see the amphitheatre as a great local asset. We've also attended a number of performances and Christmas carols and the spirit and feeling of togetherness truly is magical. With the proposed improvements I would see even more use and opportunity to unite the community, as well as continuing the heritage and vision of Castlecrag.
  • mcpherd almost 6 years ago
    Willoughby Council is not in a position to "seed fund" the start of any project. "Seed funding" may not result in the actual development going forward as costed or planned if other sponsors are not 100% confirmed. The recent proposal from the Council to raise additional funds through the community was strongly rejected by the community and thus all project such as this should not be funded by the council.Based on the benefits case, IF the Haven Amphitheatre Management Committee had already secured the initial $250,000 funding AND was requesting a short term loan (not a donation) with a guaranteed repayment to Willoughby Council I would actually be in favor of the project. The benefits case they propose would suggest this should be achievable and deliver value to the community whilst also not further disadvantaging residents of Willoughby Council nor further deteriorating the councils balance sheet. This would however take strong financial commitment from the Committee to provide this guarantee in case the benefits are not realized in the way they suggest.