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Willoughby Leisure Centre Masterplan

by Willoughby Admin, over 7 years ago

Do you currently use the services or facilities at the Willoughby Leisure Centre? Do you live nearby? Are you interested in leisure or sporting activities? Then please share your thoughts on the Willoughby Leisure Centre Masterplan.

Willoughby City Council is considering options to enhance the Willoughby Leisure Centre. The Willoughby Leisure Centre is a 20 year old facility used by more than 500,000 people annually. The Willoughby Leisure Centre Master Plan provides the community and users of the site with a detailed proposition for the future.

Willoughby City Council is considering options to enhance the Willoughby Leisure Centre. The Willoughby Leisure Centre is a 20 year old facility used by more than 500,000 people annually. The Willoughby Leisure Centre Master Plan  provides the community and users of the site with a detailed proposition for the future.

  • The proposal includes:
  • An eight lane, 50 metre pool;
  • A warm water program pool;
  • Kids’ water play area;
  • New gym / health club more than three times the size of the current facility;
  • Purpose built group fitness & program and Spin Room

Additional change room facilities and facilities catering for schools and large groups;

  • Larger crèche;
  • Increased parking; and
  • Major refurbishments and improvements throughout the centre.

Willoughby City Council is seeking feedback from the community on the proposed Master Plan. The full plans are on display at the Willoughby Leisure Centre, Chatswood Library, The Willis, Council’s AdministrationBuildingand online at from 1 June to 12 July 2012.



This consultation has concluded.

  • Darius over 7 years ago
    We would love to hear your thoughts on the Willoughby Leisure Centre Masterplan. There is lots of additional information about the Masterplan in the 'library' section of this site. There are also images of the proposed improvements which can be found in the 'picture gallery'. Your feedback is important to us! Thanks!
    • Malyko over 7 years ago
      I strongly support the Masterplan and the introduction of a 50m pool extention as the number one priority of the plan. I have lived in Castlecrag since 1962 and as a swimmer have been bewildered by the lack of such a facility in our council area since the early 70's. A 50metre pool would bring many serious day time lap swimmers back into the facility and would also allow greater access to lane availabilty during the very heavily usilised 3:30pm-6:30 slot. Many of the working rate payers would appreciate the opportunity to take a serious swim prior to their evening meal. On almost any weekday, lane availability is down to two lanes occasionally one lane at these times. The relocation of the netball courts to Gore Hill Recreational facility and Artarmon Reserve and possibly Bales Park is an inovative solution to the traffic problems associated with this area on weekends. More courts for the netballers and more lanes for the swimmers, more room for the gym users and a warm water pool area for the aspiring swimmers. I also support a skatepark within a 1km radius of Chatswood police station, possibly Chatswood Oval. $38.1m on WLC over any 20 year period is a solid investment in infrastructure for our community and something the State and Federal Governments should take note of. Adequate long term planning for the future like a fore-fathers deemed as fundamental to our development and which is missing from all other levels of government. Thank you !
      • Muttama over 7 years ago
        Thank you for making the case for lap swimmers who need a 50m pool. It is not just the length but the water as I see other Willoughby residents who regularly go to North Sydney over the six months of the year I go there and it is because we prefer the mix of chlorine and salt in the open air. The cost of heating an open pool could be offset by installing solar heating.
  • Greenberg over 7 years ago
    I don't think this renovation is warranted. $38 million is a lot of money. The existing facility looks to work fine. Yes there is a bit of increase in maintenance cost but that is preferrable to spending $38 million plus it's ongoing maintenance costs.I think that money would be better spent on building new facilities for the youth of the area. What the area really needs is something like a skatepark at Willoughby Park or outside the Leisure Centre. Willoughby council doesn't have a good track record in building new facilities for the greatly increasing youth of the area. One skatepark at chatswood in 15 years is a poor record. More playgrounds for ages 0 to 6 year old are also required with softfall ground cover instead of that filthy cheapo bark that council is currently using. More 'monkey' bar type play equipment for 4 - 12 yolds is also required. This whole Leisure centre renovation doesn't do any of this, and yet these small things are cheap by comparison.Also, I'm not convinced that a 25 metre pool needs to be extended to 50 metres. Why? When I do laps in the pool I just turn around after 25 metres. Swimming in a 50 metre pool isn't going to make any difference to me.
    • ctvjones over 7 years ago
      I think if the money is spent wisely, the maintenance costs could be reduced. Rainwater collection, using solar energy, LED lighting and other green initiaves.Regards
    • Autumn over 7 years ago
      I agree that there should be adequate facilities for a growing population of children. There also needs to be appropriate facilities for the rapidly growing population of elder Australians and I thing the WLC can cater to that population more effectively with the proposed plan. With increased parking there will be increased access and moving some of the activities to other centres to manage the parking issues in the neighbourhood makes a lot of sense
  • Darius over 7 years ago
    Hi everyone,The Leisure Centre Masterplan consultation will run from 1st June until 5pm on the 12th July. We will be making posts answering questions raised in this forum and in the survey on a periodic basis. Please feel free to come back to see what others have said. Thanks again for taking the time to let us know what you think.
  • June over 7 years ago
    I agree with Greenberg that the amount of money proposed for the uplift is unwarranted. Rather than a need for larger facilities, I have observed that the facilities are under-utilised during the day. I go there 3-4 times a week and never more than half of the pool lanes are occupied. The children's pool areas are more popular with pre-school children and their mothers. I personally avoid the pool because it is overly chlorinated and I dislike the fumes arising from the pool. There should be consideration given to the interests of seniors who would like health-related and social activities such as ballroom dancing, New Vogue and other sequence dances. Such activities should be seriously considered with regards to the ageing population and the demographics of the Willoughby area.
  • una over 7 years ago
    I also don't think the centre needs an upgrade of this scale - would be nice but $38m??!! I use the pool a lot and it is already terrific with the outlook towards the park etc - nowhere else nearly as good. Also a minor consideration for the seniors...I'm 57 and I'm fit but I don't enjoy (and I doubt that others enjoy) the fact that I can't get changed privately. We are not all mirror bound gym junkies - just somewhere to put your things inside the shower cubicle would fix this - won't cost 38m and YEARS of disruption
  • Adviser169 over 7 years ago
    I totally agree with the opinion expressed so far that we should not spend on a facility that is already as good as Willoughby Leisure Centre. Lets consider the aged and elderly in nursing facilities that are unable to voice their needs in forum such as this. We require long term planning for an aging population in Willoughby.
  • apexst over 7 years ago
    I would prefer the additional parking to be used for sports fields, wither netball or basket ball, possibly a soccer field if there is enough room. I have a question regarding the impact of the additional parking will have on the significant traffic congestion around the Leisure Centre on a Saturday morning. I am not sure encouraging people to use their cars more to visit the WLC will improve the situation. Have the all the alternatives been considered such using the Loop bus service to the WLC which arrives in enough time before a game starts. Alternatively, incorporating an off road bicycle lane along Marlborough Rd and then continuing up High St and another off road track along Sailors Bay road. Off-road bicycle lanes would encourage families who drive to feel safe enough to ride.
  • clml over 7 years ago
    I think this is a great proposal. Swimming is a good activity for young and old. I live in Artarmon and drive to Lane Cove pool three or four times a week to use the pool there. Although the pool in Willoughby is close enough for me to walk to it, I find it too small, too warm, too shallow and too crowded.
  • Adam over 7 years ago
    I am in full support of this proposal. I live very close to the centre, but I try to avoid it because of the small 25m pool, the over-use of chlorine and the changing rooms being too far away. When you compare Willoughby Leisure Centre and Lane Cove Aquatic Centre, you can tell the difference and that the Lane Cove pool is far better. This is a fantastic idea!
    • robbo over 7 years ago
      I too am in full agreement. The current facilities only favour mums and babies. We need a 50 metre pool for a wider audience and local. And the gym needs upgrading. I rarely go to willoughby because the pool is too shallow and overcrowded for any serious training. I look forward to this proposal being approved.
  • laurel+squark over 7 years ago
    I support the proposal. Sure, the centre is quite during the day ... but that doesn't work for those of us with day jobs! As an early morning or after work swimmer I head to lane cove or north sydney several times a week. The have fantastic swim squads for all ages and levels where as at willoughby you are tip to toe. The 25m pool is just too small and it is too crowded.
  • Chrissey1503 over 7 years ago
    We have had a family membership at the centre for over three years! We had to fight council very hard to get the big fans For the indoor basketball area... Now you suddenly want to spend $38 million on a complete overhaul of the centre - extraordinary! I support everything in the proposal but thing extending the pool is unnecessary. I think that the centre definitely needs an upgrade - but not a $38 million dollar plus one. I also note that our Willoughby rates increased this year... I'm wondering if our family will cop the "double whammy" and have to pay increased rates to belong to the Willoughby leisure centre to help fund this extravagance?!
  • SusieV over 7 years ago
    It all sounds pretty expensive. The MOST important thing to me is improvement in the change areas - currently the toilets are too far away from the pool. (I've seen kids go outside on the grass and a couple of times inside, perhaps over a drain!!!); and some privacy in change cubicles or shower cubicles... An upgrade to the facilities would be appreciated, but not a really interruptive complete overhaul. My kids will be beyond swimming age by the time its finished and open again!
    • John swims over 7 years ago
      I have been swimming every week at the centre since it opened some 20 years ago. I also think the expensive over development of the centre is uneccessary and counter productive. I am now 72 and the 25 metre length is great for exercise. Extending the pool will be a disaster for a lot of us oldies, not to mention shutting it down for a few years. It must be possible to do an upgrade of facilities while keeping it operating. With this sort of money why not build another facility somewhere else in Willoughby with a 50m pool. Remember that this is the only public 25m pool on the east side of the highway on the North Shore.
  • swimming mum over 7 years ago
    I support the plans. I would like to know how long the existing pool will be closed to accommodate the changes?? "john swims" said it would be closed for a couple of years. Where does this information come from? I would prefer keeping the existing 25m pool and build a 50m one as well. I also use the gym a lot and it would be nice to know if that will be closed for a period?
    • Dougal over 7 years ago
      Bring on the changes Swimming Mum!!! Of course Willoughby needs a 50m pool, then we can have our kids at Willoughby Public School attend swimming carnivals and lessons at our pool instead of having to go to Lane Cove or North Sydney. WPS is growing year on year and we need the infrastructure in the area to keep up.And the gym, I love what we have, but it can get too crowded and the air conditioning (or lack thereof) can be improved.Willoughby is a thriving suburb, with a lot of young families, so we should be investing in infrastructure for the future. Great to see the council taking a longer term view of what is required to keep this suburb a great one!You do raise a great point though. How long would we be without facilities??
  • Larlys over 7 years ago
    I agree that Willoughby needs a 50m pool and upgraded facilities especially the change rooms and toilets. I use the pool twice a week for deep water aquarobics and ideally I would like the 25 m pool to remain and a new outside 25 m pool built as they have done in Lane Cove. If Willoughby could copy the Lane Cove pool facilites and address the problems where Lane Cove pool falls down - with poor change rooms which are very run down and lack of parking we would have a first class facility that would satisy the needs of most of the community.
  • Kylie over 7 years ago
    I do deep water aqua for arthritis and fitness. I think the new development sounds great but would like to be reassured that the new warm water pool will be deep enough for this activity ie totally non weight bearing. I would have to go elsewhere and cancel my membership if the warm water pool weren't deep enough.
  • ARS over 7 years ago
    Council needs to be congratulated for its' forward looking proposal. As the population of the city becomes more dense, patronage of the Centre, built with a community in mind 22 years ago, has grown and will continue to grow. The pool and all the community clubs which use the Centre will ensure that it becomes a vibrant and valued facility for the entire lower north shore - just another example of the excellent leadership of Willoughby Council.
    • Adviser169 over 7 years ago
      If we consider it to be a facility for the entire lower north shore then we also need to consider facilities already existed in the lower north shore. Optimization may be better than having your own. With a lot of young people now living in apartments and working full time, they tend to patron fitness centres after work. They pay for the membership and dont have to worry about funding the capital cost. If people do want a 50 meter pool that badly, perhaps it should be built by private equity partner and on a user pay model.
  • Darius over 7 years ago
    Hi EveryoneThanks for all of the feedback on this topic. We have produced a Fact Sheet to answer some of the questions raised in this forum and in survey responses about parking and traffic issues. The Parking and Traffic Fact Sheet can be downloaded here: It is also in the 'library' section of this site along with other information and images associated with the Willoughby Leisure Centre Masterplan. We will be providing more of these Fact Sheets during the consultation period, which runs until July 12th.
  • Adviser169 over 7 years ago
    It is great to have brand new facilities, but do we have the financial strength to cope with another $38 million after the Concourse ? We are yet to have the operating results of the Concourse. The leasing of the facilities seems to be low. I agree we need vision but at the same time we need to spend within our means. Money dont fall from the sky, it comes from our own pockets.
  • Finno over 7 years ago
    38 million for facilities that only a subset of the community uses is extravagant. Especially when there are other items that the council is responsible for that are in dire need of attention. Traffic management around Chatswood is appalling for example. Having bus stops on that holds up traffic, lack of ring road concepts, no flow management, combined with a continued growth of cars in the area turns chatswood in to a car park regularly. Fix the things that are broken first. (ps. I am not against a reasonable renovation of existing facilities).
  • Darius over 7 years ago
    Hi EveryoneThank you for all of the comments and questions so far. Please find a response below to some of the themes raised in this forum and the hard copy and online survey so far.We will continue to provide responses on a regular basis during this consultation period. ---------------------------------Swimming PoolThe proposed extension of the 50 metre indoor swimming pool will provide two 25 metre pools that can also be converted into a 50 metre pool when required. For most of the time the pool will retain a central island between the two halves, meaning that the available lane space will in fact be doubled. It was decided that an extension to the current indoor pool was more viable than building a new outdoor pool for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is significantly more cost to build an entirely new pool, as well as the additional costs of running a second pool and paying for lifeguard supervision of a new water space. Also, outdoor pools receive very little use during the winter months and from a viability perspective this would seriously impact on the business case.The possibility of using saltwater in the new swimming pools will be referred to our experts to consider in the development of more detailed plans which will occur following this phase of consultation.The warm water program pool will have a variable depth between 0.6 metres and 1.8 metres which should be suitable for non weight bearing activities such as aqua aerobics as well as warm water therapy and learn to swim..Sustainability The Master Plan and supporting documents highlight our sustainability initiatives which include rainwater collection, the use of solar energy, LED lighting and other sustainability minded innovations.Meeting the Needs of Older PeopleThe Master Plan details a number of improvements specifically developed with an aging population in mind. These improvements include the warm water program pool, dedicated program rooms and increased access to all of the facilities. This online forum is part of a wider consultation campaign, with further engagement to take place with residents of local nursing homes, the Northern Area Health Service and Council community advisory committees.Council will be using a wide variety of consultation methods in order to inform and seek feedback from as many stakeholders as possible. Membership FeesAffordable access to leisure facilities is very important to Willoughby Council and our community. Keeping fees at the lowest level possible including concessions for seniors and children will remain part of Willoughby Council’s approach to delivering leisure opportunities to the community. Change AreasThe Master Plan incorporates new dry change areas servicing the health club, indoor sport and program rooms as well as additional change facilities for swimmers located directly adjacent to the pool deck. Redevelopment ProcessIf approved the Willoughby Leisure Centre redevelopment will be undertaken through discreet stages from 2014 to 2019 and the centre will remain open throughout.The first likely stage to be completed will be the addition of the new warm water program pool and new kids facilities. While this phase is being undertaken the main pool will still be available. This initial stage would be opened to the public during 2015. The extension of the main pool will be undertaken after the new pool facilities are available. An additional 90 car parking spaces will be added to the site prior to the completion of the new warm water program pool.The next stage will involve the construction of new amenities, retail and administrative areas to the north of the existing indoor courts, with a possible opening date scheduled for early 2017.The central spine would then undergo a major refurbishment over 2017 to 2018 providing the new gym facility and program rooms over three levels. While this area is being renovated the gym will be temporarily relocated into the sports hall.It is estimated that the construction of the fifty metre pool will take approximately 12 months.
  • Jason PM over 7 years ago
    I have concerns in relation to the indoor courts. Firstly there is a significant lack of indoor court facilities and the additional courts should not wait until stage 6 - as that is a relatively inexpensive part, this should be priorities earlier.Also the upgrade to the existing courts being delayed until stage 7 is unacceptable. The current basketball court layout does not meet the current rules of basketball (which changed several years ago and when the courts were last refreshed this was not updated) and they were not even compliant with the old rules. Also the current score board and time keeping facilities are in poor working order and have been all this year and in urgent need of repaid and/or replacement.The placement of the scoreboard for court 2 is dangerous as parents and friends sitting on the court can not see the scoreboard and walk onto the court during games to see the time and score. It should be relocated urgently to a wall at the end of the court (as in on court)These are very URGENT upgrades that are needed as part of the regular maintenance of the facility which have not been undertaken.
  • June over 7 years ago
    There is an over-emphasis on the swimming pool extension . This centre is not a training facility for elite athletes who can easily find alternative training pools not far from Willoughby. The centre must remain dedicated to community users such as seniors, children, and adults who are recreational users. A leisure centre should also provide for more than swimming activities. Forward-looking planners must incorporate facilities for exercises that maintain not only physical but also mental health. Research has shown that activities such ballroom and sequence dancing can reduce or delay the onset of dementia because of the benefits of physical-mental stimulation. Zumba is already on your list, but gentler dances would benefit the growing number of seniors in the coming decades.
    • ARS over 7 years ago
      Swimmers in squads use the pool at 5.30am and from 4.30 pm. These times are not those favoured by Seniors and babies. Adults who are recreational zusers can chose the time of their recreation. Children ie 10 -18 years olds are catered for in squads. Therefore, who are the 'elite'? As the wife of a 50 year old dementia afflicted husband I can assure you that this disease may affect people regardless of the profession or activity preference. Pretending that some activities will prevent dementia or cancer etc is part of myth in our society.Extending pool space is an essential development for our community. The pool extension as well as the increased program rooms, crèche and parking mean that there can be more diverse activities undertaken in this facility which will be one a feature of our community - thank you Council for the initiative.
      • June over 7 years ago
        Precisely the time-slots you mention that are allocated to elite squad swimmers would be the same time-slot for recreational users who want to use the pool OUTSIDE work hours. So why the priority to elite rather that recreational users? This facility is using community money and so the target users must remain community, recreational users. This facility is NOT a training facility for elite swimmers.Regarding dementia, studies have shown that increasing physical activities REDUCE or DELAY the onset of dementia. I did not say that it can be prevented. If you haven't already done so, there are many organisations that run programs for people such as your husband.
    • michael over 7 years ago
      Hi June, again I disagree. The aim of the leisure centre is to provide "leisure activities". Not all can be provided on this site. The type you mention could be provided elsewhere in the municipality. Pools, netball and basketball courts require significantly more space and require more transport infrastructure. Willoughby is the only municipality that I can think of anywhere on the north side without a 50m pool!
  • Grilled Bear over 7 years ago
    I am not in favour of the proposal. It is only good for a minority group.I'd like to know how much is paid per year by the current users of the existing pool.Kowmung
  • Artarmonite over 7 years ago
    Does Willoughby need a 50m pool? Both Lane Cove and North Sydney have these and both are drains on their councils because of under patronage in the winter. I would keep the facilities as they are with a nodest upgrade say $10m. I would then build another similar sized facility somewhere nearer Chatswood. I would not build it before 2018 when we would be more sure of funding and would know if the concourse is a drain on councils resources. In the meantime I would make sure the Northbridge baths and the Greenwich baths are given a facelift and are advertised in the area as an ideal place to go for a swin in summer.
  • Grilled Bear over 7 years ago
    I see that you claim that the current useage is 500,000 persons per year , that's 1369 per day every day . I cannot believe that . What you need to do is put online a years balance sheet showing all income and outgoings of the existing centre. What is the commercial value of the existing asset ?Where are the details of budget for the proposed redeveloped centre? How much income have you budgeted for ? Annual operating costs?
  • Yenda over 7 years ago
    I stopped using the pool because at the times I was able to swim there were few or no lanes - mostly being taken over by the swim school (which I support). Doubling the number of lanes would be a good idea, and I like the idea of being able to rope off the extended pool into two sections. It seems sensible for a city the size of Willoughby to have the option of a full length pool.I hope the new centre might include better access for the disabled, preferably a lift instead of the present ramp.I support those people who are looking for broader exercise pursuits than swimming, exercise classes, etc. I would love to have the opportunity for dance exercise (less frenetic than Zumba), for example. Tai Chi, etc might be popular.
  • ashamazz over 7 years ago
    The Willoughby Leisure Centre has provided a wonderful service to our community, since it opened. I look forward to this being continued & sustained.It is a leisure centre, not an olympic faciltiy. This area is surrounded by magnificent pools, all with differing features.Lane Cove, North Sydney, Ryde, French's Forest, Boy Charlton, Cook Park (both in the city), Olympic Park, let alone all the harbourside pools (Northbridge, Greenwich, Cremorne), surf beaches & harbour beaches. There are also gymnasiums with pools including North Sydney Leagues. We are not lacking!Maybe the name could be changed to Willoughby Activity Centre.Activity is the key to future health & well being. for every age group - youth to seniors.The centre design needs to accommodate more activity classes for every age group & ability level - daily.Eg aquarobics, Tai Chi, pilates for beginners, medium & advanced.Obesity, diabetes, dementia are at epidemic proportions & do not look like they are lessening. Activity/being active is as much a key to good health in our community, as is high fibre diet & good food.The Leisure Centre needs to be the focal point for this activity, in our area.The pool size & water temperature & indoor sport & class facilities, need to accommodate all this varied activity. Designers need to think laterally & creatively. Think out side the square.I think the pool needs to be wider, not longer. This may seem stupid/dumb & 'what is the difference?'. Width will give more lane space for more classes & still provide lanes for laps. If the pool space is divided, differing water temperatures can be accommodated.If the pool space is simply made to be longer (50M), the Centre's clients will not gain any real space, just longer lanes. For example, say three of the 50m lanes are closed off for aerobic classes, then the closed off space is a long large area. If the lanes are 25m, the three closed lanes are half the area, compared to 50m lanes. The balance of the free space is still very usable for other swimmers & classes.
  • ashamazz over 7 years ago
    One of the brilliant features of our leisure centre is its ease of access - heaps of parking and there is a good bus route 'on the door step'.The features that I have disliked are:the toilet & change room access & location are remote to the pool area & hopeless for seniors, limited mobility people & families with children.I have heard too many 'stories' from people (over the years) that they have 'picked up' a bug from the water.Water quality is very very important. This should not be solved simply by adding more chlorine. There are many new methods of filtration & purification.I would like a better coffee shop, with better coffee. Can a coffee shop be designed that will be able to cater for leisure centre users as well as folk who want to sit & enjoy a coffee in the fresh air, outside - ie for the general public to sit at tables & chairs outside (maybe under cover from the sun & rain?. North Sydney Library has this sort of set up at their kiosk. There is a playground & soccer ground & bike paths & netball courts & walking paths nearby.Clean wet area floors is another aspect of the Centre that needs to be looked at seriously. I hate 'dirty' wet floor areas, particularly hair & tissues & 'mud' - cringe factor is high. Ease of cleaning by staff needs to be considered with priority. The cook Park centre near St Mary's Cathedral seems to have succeeded in this area.
  • ashamazz over 7 years ago
    The netball courts below the Leisure Centre are very important to the community & the health & well being of our young people.The space allocation must not be reduced. It needs to be increased. Thousands of families & schools & community groups gain significant benefit from the centrally located & well maintained courts.Allocating 4 (four) court spaces at Gore Hill is inept! It simply divides the strengths of the Northern District Netball association. The central facility at Small St allows for a central & single referees, administration, toilets, change rooms, snack barMany families have more than one daughter playing netball at different times. The drop off location is central & well serviced with buses.Gore Hill will aggravate the Saturday traffic problem, as parents shuffle their cars from one end of the municipality to the other. Toilets, admin offices car parking would need to be duplicated. How ridiculous. What a waste of scarce resources.Small St is very centrally located within the municipality. Gore Hill is at the western extremity. Gore Hill is not central to our residents & is not serviced by an existing good/frequent Saturday bus service.Small St is a safe area. The girls are safe, when not accompanied by an adult. Gore Hill is not dangerous, but it is isolated & not safe. If my girls were playing netball at Gore Hill, I would need to drive them there, park the car, wait to watch the game. This will mean more car parking spaces will be needed at Gore Hill per 'netball game' than at Small StMaybe the Council needs to instigate a community weekend bus service that runs throughout the entire municipality on Saturdays & Sundays (like Mosman's bus), throughout the year.Umpires are a vital part of netball. No game can start unless there are two umpires - one provided by each team. At Small St, any umpire shortage can be accommodated relatively quickly, as there are lots of girls there that can help out. At Gore Hill, the isolation will make this difficult. The access will be difficult & that will discourage young umpires form volunteering their services. Every Saturday every umpire plays a game as well as umpires a game - often immediately before or after the game they played. This will be complicated significantly at Gore Hill. Nightmares for the Northern Districts Netball association.How many families are involved with netball vs how many families use the Liesure Centre in a given year? I bet netball wins that statistic.The number of courts at Small St must not be reduced. The number should be increased.Gore Hill is a waste of resources. The Council should build an extra Leisure facility at Gore Hill & allocate the resources to that.
  • ashamazz over 7 years ago
    I am all for improving the Willoughby Leisure Centre.The engineers & architect need to do some creative thinking & lateral thinking.Flat Rock Gully was a rubbish tip. There is no support for the weight of a big pool & heavy building, over this waste land.The Council owns Small St & the car park across the road (grassy area) & the existing car park. A good part of these areas are on rock, with good foundations.I suggest building to the north & west, over the road way. Create tunnels with a good height for trucks.Build multi storey car parks & exercise space & gyms & basketball courts on various levels above the swimming pool. Of course water is very heavy & needs good foundationsMaybe Gore Hill is better for an extra pool. Better footings.Keep the existing netball courts & build more netball courts. Do not reduce the number of netball courts.
  • Katrina over 7 years ago
    I support the proposal. The pool is very popular with swim school, squad and general fitness and is way to crowded in summer to use the facilities properly. A 50m pool would certainly alleviate the overcrowding. 25m pools are just not big enough for anything other than play.
  • turquoise over 7 years ago
    Yes, we need a revamp of the centre--shower/changing rooms/toilet; shower/sauna areas and a 50m pool; improved parking. If the facilities are as good as the Fitness First gyms I go to, I might switch clubs! However, $38m is too much. I think we can see a lot of improvement w/o such a "spending spree". What happens to our rates and usage fees then? Also. I think the loop bus should carry that route for convenience and to ease traffic congestion.
  • maclean over 7 years ago
    I live in the vicinity of the leisure centre, and am hoping that the closure of 4 netball courts and additional parking goes far enough. I Would love to see it happen immediately. Sending some of the netball to Gore Hill is a great plan. People are not going to use the bus, they will still insist on driving and selfishly blocking our streets and driveways. Modernising the facilities is also a great step forward, but please, lets get the parking right!
  • ### over 7 years ago
    The area needs a 50m pool. The current pool is too small and crowded. An additional 50m would be ideal.Lane Cove Pool is at capacity, the pool is not full, its the parking that is full. The same applies with North Sydney Pool.The area needs a good pool with good parking, access to public transport and cycleways. (Willoughby Leisure Centre)The parking at Willoughby is only a problem on Netball days. The netball community needs spread their courts around the area rather than selfishly blocking all the local traffic. The current facility is over 20 years old it has served its purpose now it needs to meet up with the new demands.
  • willoughby over 7 years ago
    Good to see the Council is progressing on this matter.An upgrade of the centre is overdue.The 50m is a great idea which I will strongly support.The centre management needs to be for the people rather on a pure for profit basis.
  • Willoughby Admin over 7 years ago
    Hi all,We have been reading all of your comments and a summary will be provided as part of the final report to Council so keep those comments coming in.... Due to the number of posts we apologise if we don't respond directly to each and every comment as it comes in. We are aiming to keep the FAQ sheet current to try and address the issues raised. If you want some specific feedback that you feel hasn't been addressed in the FAQ sheet please let me know via the forum.
  • Willoughby Admin over 7 years ago
    Hi All, Just to advise the latest eNewsletter on the Masterplan can be found today under the "Library" section of this forum.
  • AnnaJMcDougall over 7 years ago
    I just wanted to add my two cents that when I first moved to Chatswood I was truly amazed to discover there wasn't a 50m pool already in the Willoughby Council area. I came late to swimming but love to do laps, particularly in the warm months. I am concerned (as I mentioned in a reply above) about the ventilation of chlorinated pools as it has been associated with increased asthma risk, particularly for children. A proper ventilation system as part of the upgrade would be both necessary and appropriate. Given your plans have indicated a blocking off of the 50m pool into two halves of 25m each, it would be good to get clarification on when the pool will be in full 50m mode, as for me I find the idea of doing laps on a 25m pool frustrating.
  • mans over 7 years ago
    It is fantastic that the council is considering improving the aquatic facilities in the council. With physical inactivity a major cause of a number of Australia's leading diseases, such as Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes and Cancer; local councils should be proactively encouraging their community to maintain physical activity. Unfortunately, at present, the Willoughby Leisure Centre, is vastly unavailable to the community as it is predominantly hired out to PRIVATE swim squads during peak times (for those who work full time). Will the future plans improve the community's ability to ACCESS aquatic facilities? Or will this just increase the number of hiring opportunities for private groups and/or the pool's management company?
  • Willoughby Admin over 7 years ago
    Everyone,The formal consultation period regarding the Masterplan has now come to an end. We would like to thank everyone for their contribution to what was an excellent discussion. All of your comments and the results from the survey will be taken into consideration when determing the final concept designs and approach to the site. It is anticipated a report on the matter will be presented to Council in late 2012. If you havent already done so you can visit the Willoughby Leisure Centre website and sign up to the eNewsletter which will provide you with updates on the project. We will also notify Willoughby Online Community members once the report is ready to go to Council for discussion.Again, thanks for your time and contribution.