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What do you think of the Lane Cove River Coastal Zone Management Plan?

by Willoughby Admin, almost 7 years ago

The Lane Cove River Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) is on Public Exhibition from 13 May 2013 until 21 June 2013 and you are invited to have your say. Dowload the Plan from the "Library" tab on this page.

Your feedback will help four local Councils having river foreshore frontage, State Government agencies and non-government organisations to better manage the estuary.

Thanks for taking the time to Have Your Say!

Relates to Relates to document: Lane Cove River CZMP

This consultation has concluded.

  • James707 almost 7 years ago
    The massive study of the Sydney sewer system for pollution licencing several years ago stated the biggest source of pollution was the northern main sewer syphon under the Lane Cove estuary, which discharged about 20 times per year The NSOOS storage tunnel was built to reduce this to about two times per year. Sydney Water was supposed to measure the results, but no activity has been reported or planned in the Management Plan. launched a question through Councillor Lynne Saville, who fórwarded it to Mr. Woodhams. There has been some email correspondence following, but no action reports by Sydney Water to fill the blank spaces in the Management Plan . The next biggest source of sewerage pollution in the licencing study was a sewer outfall at West Pymble. I am not aware if that outfall being altered, and I didn't notice it in the Management Plan.