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What are your thoughts on the Draft Plan?

by Melanie, over 5 years ago

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  • Stayer over 5 years ago
    Yes, I agree that there is a need for a kids/teenage place for kids to hang out in the area. However, these places usually end up looking very shabby and a no go area for anyone over 18. Hardy vegetation and not concrete should be the theme.
  • bikesarefun over 5 years ago
    Fantastic to see that this facility is getting some attention. It's a fantastic location with loads of potential.I would encourage council to consider building the facility from more sustainable facilities, so as to reduce the need for ongoing regular maintenance (noting that dirt washes away with rain). Internationally, it has become common for these sorts of facilities to be coated with asphalt or concrete (see here:, and that would be an excellent idea in this case.
  • ClintN over 5 years ago
    I'm very happy to see improvements being proposed for the Northbridge pump track, and the commissioning of a professional contractor to undertake the work. I ride there regularly with 2 of my kids (ages 5 & 7). Considering the vast majority of riders are young kids usually between the ages of 5 to 12, I think there could be some changes to the design. As a rider myself, I do not wish to dumb-down the design but rather the design needs to consider that kids that age don’t ride it as a pump track instead ride it as an extended loop (out and around the pump track and back to the start mound). Most kids are not satisfied just doing the short jump line. I think it might be worthwhile for the designers to visit on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to see how the track is ridden during peak times. Some specific issues:- It is not clear how a rider will exit the pump track. The only line back appears to be on the Senior Run against the flow of traffic.- The design needs a link from the Pump Track to the Return Run (on the south side) – this will facilitate the kids riding out and back as they do now, and allow riders to exit the pump track safely. - I think the concept of a uni-directional pump track is ok (safer for the kids) but the inside line of the pump track changes the direction of the rider and will make the pump track bi-directional with no way to change direction back to clockwise. Even with a link to the Return Run as suggested above, if the inside line is used then the only exit is via the Senior Run, so a change should be made to allow the direction to return to clockwise if the rider is riding in an anti-clockwise direction.- Will the jumps on the Senior Run be rollable? Almost all young kids handle the larger jumps at the track with ease so it will be disappointing if they can no longer take that line.- How wide is the Junior Run? There is a junior run in the existing design but it doesn't get used as it is narrow (and poorly constructed) meaning the kids feel safer on the larger jumps. It's hard to see the size of the jumps from the design plans, but would it be better to just have a wider senior run with doubles that could be jumped or rolled?- I would propose an increase in signage to discourage using scooters on the track, riding when the track is wet, and riding the jump runs against the flow of traffic.
  • KaitoS over 5 years ago
    It's great to see that there are plans in the works for a much needed revamp to the Northbridge pump track. I frequent there with my 2 kids and see lots of young kids and parents using the facility. The draft plan looks great and I support it 100%, a real asset to the community. There should be more of these around.
  • moira over 5 years ago
    What a FANTASTIC idea! As a parent to three boys and living close to the pump track I say bravo Willoughby Council! This along with the proposed playground will be a huge asset to the community. Children from all over the municipality will experience great joy from this at a time when children are spending more and more time inside on electronic devices this is exactly what we, as a community, should be focusing on. I very much hope this is approved.
  • chrissouthwood over 5 years ago
    I'm very happy to see the redevelopment of this facility on the cards. The original pump track was never built with long-term sustainability in mind, I feel, and with the absence of any real maintenance plan it has suffered badly. I think that if it were redeveloped with due consideration for all-weather sustainability and adequately supported with a maintenance program this the Northbridge pump track could become an excellent asset for the community. From a riding perspective, the design appears to be great!
  • Mark Chan over 5 years ago
    also looking at the diagram, is the design allowing for machinery access? It may do but just wanted to make sure this is mentioned. My son and friends are very excited to see the completed project.
  • Mark Chan over 5 years ago
    The plan looks great. Thank you Willoughby Council...Hopefully council is taking measures to ensure that the work carried out by the contractor meets what is articulated in the diagram.Signage or a gate that can be used to close the track when the weather turns bad would be useful as well.Is there any chance to improve lighting in the area?Bubblers and bins would also be useful
  • Richard_M over 5 years ago
    I support the draft plan for the Northbridge pump track. It appears to be an improvement of the design of the current facility which would cater for all levels of bike riders from beginner to advanced.I have been disappointed to see the deterioration of the current pump track which I could attribute to a lack of maintenance. I would encourage Council to implement a maintenance program to ensure the track remains in good condition.I suggest the upgraded facility would attract a number of bike riders and would be a valuable asset to the Councils outdoor recreation facilities.
  • Duncan over 5 years ago
    The overall concept of this plan appears to cater for a wider variety of rider skill levels which can only be an improvement over existing trailAlthough not enough detail to fully gauge the ridability of the proposal there does appear to be insufficient rollers in the central switch back section of the pump track which would reduce flow of the track.