What is the Online Community Panel?

    The Online Community Panel is made up of around 40 local people who have expressed an interest in sharing their thoughts on local issues. The panel represents a variety of demographics that are present within the Willoughby LGA.

    Online Community Panel members have been asked to make a minimum of four comments in the forum per month. By doing this we hope to generate discussion on these topics to gain a greater understanding of the needs of the community and to help shape Council's decision making process.

    Online Community Panel members have not necessarily met each other in real life and do not know each other's names. This is an online community and we hope that over the six months the panel members will enjoy some good discussions with their fellow panel members and the community.

    If I am not an Online Community Panel member can I still participate?

    Yes. We would love to hear feedback from everyone in the community. Exisiting 'Have Your Say Willoughby' members can simply log in to start participating. If you don't have an exisiting username simply register by following the link at the top right of this page.

    It would be great to hear feedback from everyone who visits this site. This is a safe and convenient way to have your say, and if you would like to add your view to any of the comments in this forum you are more than welcome.

    Can I still join the Online Community Panel?

    If you would like to express your interest in joining the Panel please email darius.turner@willoughby.nsw.gov.au

    Please note that you will be required to make an average of at least four comments per month for a six month period. You will also be asked some questions in order for us to be able to gauge the demographics of the Panel.

    How long will the Online Community Panel run for?

    The Panel will run for six months, beginning in November 2011 and finishing in April 2012.

    At the conclusion of the Panel we will look to continue our online engagement with the community through a variety of methods.

    How will the topics be decided?

    The topics for the Panel will be decided in a number of ways. Firstly, we would like to get an idea of which subjects the community feel are important to discuss. We will be gathering feedback through the November forum and planning some future topics from this feedback.

    There are also some important strategic decision making processes coming up for Council in the near future. These include the levels of services provided by Council as well as asset management. We plan on seeking feedback on these topics as well as others that arise.

    We will also be seeking feedback on our Willoughby City Strategy and its themes. The Strategy is an over arching document that shapes the future direction of the City. The Strategy has six key themes - Community and Cultural Life; Natural Environment; Homes; Transport, Mobility and Infrastructure; Economic Activity; and Civic Leadership. There will be topics based on these themes in the coming months.

    Finally, each month there will be an 'Open Forum' where you can have your say on any issue you feel is important to the Willoughby community.