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Castle Cove Master Plan

by Willoughby Admin, over 7 years ago

Castle Cove Park is an important open space resource in the Willoughby Council Area with significant environmental and recreational value.

Willoughby City Council is seeking to develop an understanding of how Castle Cove Park is used in order to produce a revised Master Plan for the Park to guide future management and improvements. 

This process requires input from the local community.  Your feedback is important to us and we welcome your participation.

This consultation has concluded.

  • VeeJay over 7 years ago
    If the sports area is going to be used for after school sports training it prohibits using the area for off-leash dog exercise. An alternate fenced area should be provided for this purpose offering unrestricted hours of use.
    • Greenberg over 7 years ago
      All Council park areas should have a FENCED off-leash dog area. So many times my now 11 month old son gets accosted by roaming off-leash dogs with oblivious and negligent dog owners is astounding. The 1 hour before sunset is a rediculous notion because it is too subjective for most people, and too easy to feign ignorance of the actual time. This sort of thing is never policed by council rangers either. So a fully FENCED off-leash dog area is definitely required, and may save a serious dog mauling of children from occuring. All other park areas should not allow any off-leash dog activity including those 'token' leashes which are 5 - 10 metres long where the dog owner has no real control either.
    • Dog Lover over 7 years ago
      We use the park with our two small dogs at least once a day. My 2 sons also played sport at the park whilst attending St Aloysius College 2 - 3 times a week. I think the idea of a separate fenced area for dogs is a great idea, although I'm not sure that the park is large enough to divide particularly as there are usually 2 games of sport happening at once. I do however think that the park should be fully enclosed so that dogs and children do not run onto the road. This has been petitioned previously with Council I believe, with a large amount of support.
  • Greenberg over 7 years ago
    There is a distinct lack of skateparks in the Willoughby, Castlecrag, Northbridge, middle cove and Castle Cove areas. The closest one is Chatswood which gets very crowded and kids can't get there by themselves easily. I read Willoughby Council's Skatepark development Plan document and it's so outdated written something like 12 - 15 years ago based on even older statistical demographic data. There are so many more kids in these suburbs now than 15 years ago. More facilities like skateparks are required.
  • Darius over 7 years ago
    Hi VeeJay and GreenbergThanks for posting comments on the forum. Your views will be considered as the new Castle Cove Master Plan is further developed. We have had close to 50 surveys completed and these, along with your comments will help us further understand the current needs of the community. What does everyone else think about the points VeeJay and greenberg have raised?
  • Wayne over 7 years ago
    Would like to see an upgraded/updated of the basket ball court. Also, would it be possible to incorpoate a long jump pit in the Master Plan. There is apparently a lack of such facilities within the vicinity, and the nearest park/oval which has a long jump pit is in the Koola Park. The long jump pit in Koola Park however is pretty run down, to say the least.
  • Paul Knox over 7 years ago
    1. Fix the drainage at the south end of the playing field - its a health hazard to humans and dogs in prolonged wet weather.2. Preserve the bush areas - litter and weed control3. Simplify the setting of the exercise station.4. Sort out the jumble of things at the entry off Holly Street5. Not a good site for a skate park - the bmx track is enough extreme action for a quiet suburban park - and where could it fit anyway?6. I reckon that long jump pit would be better in a park with other athletics facilities, such as a running track.7. I think that the basketball court is fine as it is.8. Definitely opposed to fencing off one area from another. If there are kids there when you want o walk the dog, go some where else that day, let the kids pat the dog, sit down and enjoy the sound of children playing.Thanks
    • Wayne over 7 years ago
      A fenced off-leash area for dogs is a good idea, similar to the one in Roseville and Beauchamp Parks, where dogs can run around safely and not possibly wander around into bushes/streets. If kids want to pat and play with the dogs, they can do so inside the fenced area.Amenities that don't take up much space and which can be squeezed in easily into the area should be added, such as a long jump sand pit, like in Koola Park, which has no running track, but has a long jump practice corner. People practice running and primary schools sometimes even have races at Castle Cove Park. A lot of people who do sprints also do lumg jumps.Con
  • Jasper over 7 years ago
    People have come up with their own wish lists, so let's explore what's possible!*Best option is a separate off-leash area for dogs with no time restriction like in Roseville. If not, option B is a fully fenced oval like in Chatswood for safety of both kids and dogs (I'm a kid and dog lover.)*I strongly support a long jump sand pit which needs a small space and is low maintenance somewhere in a corner. My boy made it into the IPSHA long jump team w/ just one practice at Koola, and it's exciting to think what he and other kids can do if there were more practice areas--let's try to breed champions in our own backyard!*A running track (maybe doubling as a bike track?) around/bordering the grass oval would benefit runners/racers. Again, this shouldn't take so much space and is low maintenance.*Others suggested a climbing net like in Warner's park.Let's go for a variety of amenities that can fit in IF space and resources allow, so kids/everyone can explore/develop their skills/ineterests and enjoy the park better. It's like a "having it all" attitude, but why not if it's possible and it's not too much?
  • jane over 7 years ago
    A bike track around the park would be fantastic. Although there is an adjacent bike track it is really advanced - there is no way my kids (10, 8 and 2) would attempt it. There is a much better bike track at Bonds corner Northbridge which is more suitable for primary aged children.I don't think you really need a separate off-leash area. I take my 2 year old there several times a week and we never have trouble with any of the off-leash dogs. You would loose too much oval space putting in a separate off-leash area.A climbing frame would be good in the playground or a big net swing like at Gore Creek Reserve, Greenwich. A flying fox would be awesome. As a generalisation I think Willoughbys playgrounds are below the standard of Lane Cove Council and Ryde council.
  • Darius over 7 years ago
    Thanks everyone for your insightful comments and sharing what you like about Castle Cove and what additions and improvements you would like to see. This consultation will finish tomorrow so please feel free to make any final comments before then.Once we have collated all surveys and comments we will provide information via this site and the Council website about the feedback we have received. Really appreciate you all taking the time to have your say, Thanks!
  • Integrity over 7 years ago
    Great to see the comments, it is good to see a few people care enough to comment. I am sure a lot of the suggestions could be followed up and actioned. Unfortunately it appears that the majority of the parks users are not using the forum.My older resident and sport enthusiast view is the the park does need to keep its integrity for the green space that has been created. I would suggest adding a perimeter bushland jogging/walking track as has been previously proposed but never followed through.This park and oval set in its nautral bushland setting has to be one of the best assets of Willoughby.Clearly there are many interests within our community and the park is there to be shared by all who respect it as a green space.Multiple activities can be catered for however partitioning of sections I feel would destroy the feel of the green space in the city unless these are set on the perimeter and sectioned of by tree's/hedges. What is needed is a Council with a vision to create and manage the park as a safe place for all the community to enjoy without trashing it with barricades and unsightly spaces and activities.We also need to realise that the park I observe daily already caters for soccer,cricket,school sports,dog walkers,personal fitness trainers,joggers,walkers,childrens playgrounds,handicapped people and their minders,basket ballers and that poorly screened BMX track with it old plastic,old carpets and discarded seats all visible to visitors. Council needs to realise that there is a limit of activities if we are to maintain the integrity of the asset and its surrounding bushland. Balance is required to service the many needs presented.Further I feel that the publicity and the length of time given for submissions on this master plan have not been enough to muster enough community interest, particularly when one finds the sign I read regarding the Master plan is found lying in the grass near a garbage bin at the park on 10th and 11th September 2012.Studies need to be carried out regarding the bushland surrounding the park and the significant trees and wildlife preserved, before anymore degradation occurs in the vicinity of the BMX trail area.
    • Darius over 7 years ago
      Hi IntegrityThanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Your comments will be considered as we prepare the draft Master Plan. Also, thanks for letting us know about the posters, Council staff will visit the park today to make sure they are collected.Just to give everyone a bit of an update on the community engagement plan for this project, we have currently had 93 surveys completed in addition to the comments on this forum, as well as a number of letters and comments sent directly through to Council. This first round of consultation began on the 13th August and publicity included an advertisement in the North Shore Times, letterbox drop to nearby houses, a number of posters in the park, local shops and library. Information was also provided to the Castle Cove Progress Association, Castle Cove Public School and all the sports clubs and teams with recurrent sports field bookings and we have emailed our online database on several occasions inviting people to have their say.All of the feedback we have received will be considered as Council prepares the Draft Castle Cove Park Master Plan. Once the draft is complete it will be made available to the community for comment, and there are plans to hold a public meeting to give community members the opportunity to ask questions and have their say in person. Thanks again for your comments, and we look forward to presenting the Castle Cove Park Draft Master Plan in the near future.