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Open Forum

by Willoughby Admin, over 7 years ago

The 'Open Forum' has become a very popular area for our Online Community Panel Members as well as the local community to have their say on a wide range of local issues.

PleaseĀ feel free to talk about any local issues in this forum. Ask a question or suggest a topic for discussion. All of your comments will be passed on to the relevant Council staff member for consideration.

This consultation has concluded.

  • Darius over 7 years ago
    The Open Forum is a place where you can share your views on any local or regional topic that interests or concerns you. Council staff read all posts made in the forum and are able to provide answers or feedback. Topics that have been popular in the past include events, parks and playgrounds, traffic, The Concourse, childcare, sustainability, libraries as well as many others.We look forward to hearing your thoughts on any improvements you think Council can make to the Willoughby area. Thanks for having your say!
  • treebytheriver over 7 years ago
    As a student going to Chatswood High School, I think there is a great divide between the school and Willoughby Council.We are a major part of the community, with many students walking through the willoughby area and using council facilities such as the library and various parks, including our oval (which is council property).It seems a shame that this relationship is very limited and there is little communication between the two.There are some good things your council is doing, e.g. sending representatives from the library to talk about how it can benefit us with studying and such, which was very helpful.As a school, we have students with time and energy that can be put to good use within the council. For instance, we have classes such as "Sustainable living", which could help with gardening projects, art classes that could use their creativity in painting a mural, and through the students, you can reach their family for any sort of information you want to pass on about the council.I recently went into the council to ask for some trees to be trimmed near our school, and I was surprised at how helpful the council staff were.Thank you for all your work, but with a better relationship between the school and the council, I am sure everyone will benefit.
    • Darius over 7 years ago
      Hi treebytheriverThanks so much for taking the time to post on this forum and let us know your thoughts. We have a number of consultations coming up and would love to have young people such as yourself and your classmates participate. I will make contact with a staff member at your school and see what can be arranged. I'm glad that you found the library talk at your school of interest and also that the freindly customer service staff were able to help you with the trees that needed trimming! Look forward to hearing your views on future topics and consultations, thanks treebytheriver!
  • smallpotatoes over 7 years ago
    Hi there,Two things:Firstly, is the legislation concerning the number of on-street car parking spaces per household going to be implemented or is Willoughby Council just sending mail out to tick boxes? There is a house opposite us who have 4 cars and it renders our street unnavigable.Secondly, having recently applied to remove a few trees from our property, we were rather surprised to receive the directive of planting a deciduous tree in lieu. Given the dearth of native Australian deciduous trees, we feel that this directive should be reviewed for future tree removal applications. Consider the table banged.Cheers,smallpotatoes
    • Darius over 7 years ago
      Hi smallpotatoesThanks for banging the table! Below is a response provided by Council staff in the relevant section to the issues you have raised:There currently is 'legislation' in place governing the amount of permits households are eligible for in a residential parking scheme and Council's Draft Residential Parking Permit policy will be adopted soon. However if the street is not restricted by parking restrictions and the vehicle is registered there is nothing that governs how many cars a household can park on the street as it is a public road.If you are experiencing congested parking in your street then it would be advisable to contact Council Traffic & Transport group on 9777 1000 to discuss options to alleviate the situation.In regards to the trees on your property, unfortunately there are not many deciduous species native to Australia. However when determining replacement planting conditions of consent for an approved tree removal under Council's Tree & Bushland Preservation Order, Council takes into consideration a number of factors such as location, aspect, soil type and appropriate replacement species for the site. Thanks for having your say smallpotatoes and we hope this information helped answer your questions. This 'Open Forum' will be closing shortly, however the October 'Open Forum' will be available for you or anyone else to make follow up comments. Thanks!