Why am I limited in what tree I can have on my naturestrip?

    Each tree location has its own site-specific requirements, it is important that planning responds to context and site-specific conditions. Consideration needs to be given to things such as soil type and depth, slope and aspect as well as many other issues including natural or cultural setting, the width of the verge, overhead powerlines, underground services, retaining walls and so on.  This can be described as the “right tree for the right place”. 

    Which trees can I choose from for my naturestrip?

    The City has been divided into twelve (12) precincts, with each precinct having a pallet of trees chosen to suite the conditions and surrounding environment. These precincts form part of the Street Tree Master Plan.

    I don’t have a tree on my naturestrip at present, but would like one planted. Can this be arranged?

    If you would like a tree planted on your naturestrip you can contact Council and make a request. A Council officer will be in contact with you to discuss options. Email Council at email@willoughby.nsw.gov.au or call 9777 1000.